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How to create a garden getaway

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Crafting the perfect garden isn’t necessarily the easiest of tasks. Regardless, each year, thousands upon thousands of people will flock to the nearest garden centre with the intention of putting together their dream garden, but this isn’t always as successful as we might hope. Whether we pick up an entire set of teak furniture and have nowhere to put it, or purchase countless plants that we aren’t sure how to raise, crafting the perfect garden getaway can take more than just some random purchases. Luckily, I’ve pulled together a quick guide to give you a head start.

Make A Plan

Planning is everything when it comes to creating the perfect garden. Whether you have a large open space that you can utilise to the fullest, or a much smaller offering that requires a lot of planning to ensure everything you need fits in well, having a clear idea as to what you need and where it’s going to go will help you with purchasing and fitting anything in where it needs to go. You could even opt for crafting a scale-map of your garden where you can fill in exactly where each piece will go. Of course, when it comes to actually forming your garden, you have room to wiggle and adjust, but a plan is the perfect starting point.

What Do You Need?

There’s no point walking into a garden centre or store with no idea what you need or what size will fit your garden. Think about your own personal requirements and what you want from your garden – do you need excess furniture to cater for visiting guests? Maybe you’re looking for the perfect tranquil outdoor space and want to create a certain ambience with fairy lights. Whatever the case, understanding what you need and what scale it needs to be will put you well on your way to crafting the garden getaway you want.

Consider Your Lifestyle

It’s important to consider your lifestyle before you head out and buy high-maintenance plants or expensive statement pieces that you may never get the chance to look at. If you know that you aren’t home very often but are just looking for a nice place to relax on weekends or in the evenings, a low-maintenance garden that’s simple in design can mean that you get to enjoy your garden whenever you have the time, while a high-maintenance garden with plants that require a lot of care could prove to wilt and rot if you don’t have the time to care for them properly.

Say Yes

Okay, so we might’ve been telling you to plan ahead and consider your lifestyle, but watch as we swing around completely and tell you to just say yes. Of course, this has to be in moderation, but if you find a plant that you’ve always loved, or a bench that you have your heart set on from first glance, then provided you have the funds, just say yes. There’s nothing worse than putting together a garden only to feel like something’s missing, so allowing yourself a purchase or two that you hadn’t initially planned on purchasing could mean that you have that missing piece that you’ve been searching for.

Our gardens are often our pride and joy and putting together the perfect outdoor space is a constantly ongoing process. From caring for plants, to rearranging garden furniture, there’s plenty to be doing, but that’s part of the fun. Be creative, be smart, but most importantly have fun. After all, the more you enjoy putting it all together, the more you’ll enjoy your garden getaway when it’s finally ready to go.