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Coming to the end of my adult brace experience: Retainer fitting appointment rebooked

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Welcome to my latest Braces at 30 blog post where I share my experience of wearing a brace as an adult with updates from each appointment.  I had my braces fitted when I was 30 years old.  I’m now 32 and this month marks my 2 year brace anniversary!  Some people are lucky enough to have a brace nowadays for only six months or so, but my teeth had so many issues I needed the full on train track braces with an estimated length of 18-24 months.  I passed the 18 month mark a long time ago, so knew it was more than likely going to take 24 months and now it's taking slightly longer, but the end is finally in sight!

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Braces at 30 | 17th Tightening | 24 Months

It's not been long since my last update as my last appointment was at the start of March.  We thought my teeth would be ready for a top retainer in a few weeks so I just went for an appointment this week to have a mould taken, but unfortunately my teeth weren't quite ready.  There is a 0.5mm gap to close where my false tooth will go.  I'm having a veneer on one side over my peg tooth and a false tooth on the other side (lateral incisors next to my top front teeth) so the orthodontist wants to get these gaps to the exact same size.  It was slightly frustrating as I'd geared myself up for a whole day without a brace and the embarrassment of a huge gap at the front of my mouth, but on the brighter side we are on holiday soon and I'd rather get used to a retainer and eating with my massive gap on show when I'm at home and not surrounded by other people.

Here’s what happened at my appointment:

Top teeth

There is still a 0.5mm gap to close.  It hasn't budged, but as soon as the new elastic was put on it looks like it's closed instantly.  Hope it stays this way for my next appointment.  We have booked an appointment mid April for the top brace to come off and a mould to be taken for a retainer and false tooth.  I'll then wear the retainer for approximately six months before getting my false tooth and veneer fitted.  I'm also considering having my teeth whitened once the brace is totally off and pre false teeth.  It seems like a good idea after coming so far with my teeth.  it would be nice to have them as perfect as possible.  I know it's not very natural beauty of me, but perhaps I'll make one allowance for my teeth each year to be whitened.

Bottom teeth

There are still some pesky gaps to close so the wire was refitted and new elastics put in place to move the teeth together.  My front teeth are worn unevenly on the sides so were filed back a little to close the gaps at the lower parts of the teeth.  It's a pretty horrid experience, like nails down a blackboard, but worth it to get the teeth together.  I imagine a few more appointments to get these teeth totally together with no gaps.  I get a build up of tartar at the front bottom teeth so I'd really like no gaps there at all to help with cleaning.

I may be able to have a bonded retainer on the bottom teeth when they are ready.  This is a permanent piece of wire fixed to the back of the teeth which will save the hassle of putting a removable retainer in and out constantly.

Braces Before and After Photos

Today's photo:

Coming to the end of my adult brace experience - Retainer fitting appointm

Pre brace to the start of this month:

teeth braces march 2018 before and after photos 2 years

teeth braces march 2018 before and after photos 2 years (1)

A brace timeline to really show the progress:

22 months brace timeline before and after photos adult experience wire trai