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Tips for transitioning your wardrobe from winter to spring

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You can probably tell I’m a teeny tiny bit excited for the warm weather to begin with all the spring and holiday related posts I’ve been writing just recently.  I literally cannot wait.  I’m meant to live in a warm climate I’m sure.  I can’t stand the cold and spend the whole winter moaning about it.  When the sun is warm and shining on me I am instantly happy and calm.  One of the best things about spring is being able to transition to my warm weather wardrobe.  I’m so much more comfortable in lighter simpler clothing.

Here are a few tips to help transition your wardrobe from winter to spring:

Don’t put the boots away just yet

Sure spring is warmer, but there are still cool days and chilly breezes.  Keep your boots out, but scrap the woolly tights.  Go for over the knee socks or knee high boots with bare legs, floaty skirts or flirty dresses. 

Stay chunky

You can even keep a hold of your chunky jumpers and team them with chiffon skirts, or wear loosely over floral print dresses for a laid back effortlessly cool combo.  Choose between pumps or boots to finish off the look depending on how cool those spring breezes are.

Brighten up

Winter is all rusty oranges, burgundy reds and deep teal greens, but don’t be afraid to brighten up your colour palette as the weather brightens.  Bright colours and even dazzling whites will brighten any gloomy spring days and they’ll be the first thing you’ll reach for on those hot summer days.

Lighten up

Yep, brighten up and lighten up.  Choose lighter jackets, lighter knits and lighter tights: lighter colours, lighter textures and lighter materials.  You’ll still want to wear a light jacket most days or to carry one with you just in case, but a denim version or blazer should suffice.

Switch up your scarves

You’ll want to pack away your knitted scarves, but keep out your lightweight oversized fashion scarves as both a great way to accessorize, but also as back up for the not so hot days.  These will also take you through to summer as a lightweight shawl, beach cover up and sarong.

Sandals and jeans

There’s nothing more summery than a pair of sandals and you can start to wear them in spring with jeggings and jeans matched with a lightweight knit or top and cardi.  Add sparkly gem sandals to a plain pair of jeans to glisten in the sunshine.

Never trust the weather

It may look boiling hot outside, but as we first creep in to spring the sunshine can fool us.  It may actually be hot in the sun, but as soon as it disappears behind a cloud we’re reminded of the temperatures of winter we’d rather leave behind.  Remember to always layer up with light knits and scarves that can easily be packed away in your bag when the sun does shine.