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Tips to get your man to dress better

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Does your boyfriend have bad taste in clothes?  Do you wish you could dress the man in your life a little better?  You’re in the right place!  In this article I’m going to share some tips to help you encourage your man to dress a little more fashionably.

This is definitely a topic I can relate to.  When I met my husband I wasn’t overly keen on most of his wardrobe and style choices, including wearing black shoes with casual jeans.  It made me cringe!  Shallow perhaps, but it really did.  I had to sort out his shoe collection and luckily I introduced him to Vans slip on shoes which I thought would suit him much better and look more appropriate with his casual attire as well as age appropriate as we were only in our mid-twenties then!  Luckily he loved the Vans and they’ve become his staple shoe choice ever since I encouraged this change.  Paired with casual Superdry jeans, a t-shirt, hoody and bomber jacket, they really do look so much better!

Here are some handy tips if you want to get your man to dress better:

Be honest

Sometimes honesty is the best policy.  Be upfront and honest.  Just tell him what you don’t like about his wardrobe.  Some men just wear things for their purpose rather than trying to be fashionable or look good.  He might not have realised something bugs you and he may be happy to make a switch.  If he loves what he wears, then he can tell you and you’ll know he doesn’t want to change.  Then you’ll just have to move past this and accept things as they are.  At least you’ll know.  Be prepared too – he might return the favour.

Buy clothes as presents

Some men don’t want to spend money on clothes.  They have much better ways to spend their money than the latest fashion!  In this instance it might be best to buy him clothes as birthday and Christmas gifts.  That way he doesn’t have to spend his own cash on something he’d rather not!  This way you get to buy him exactly what you’d like to see him in and hope he likes it too.­

Go shopping with him

As we’ve established some men are clueless when it comes to styling themselves and even knowing what to buy.  They like to walk in a shop, get what they need and exit as soon as possible!  Sometimes shopping needs to be done and perhaps a little help from you will go a long way.  Some gentle persuasion to try clothes he might not otherwise have thought of trying could change his clothes shopping habits for the better.  He could be pleasantly surprised by your clothes choices and you’ll come home with a newly dressed man!

Compliment him

Tell him how great he looks when he dresses how you prefer.  Compliments can go a long way and make him feel better in what he’s wearing.  If the compliments aren’t working and he doesn’t feel comfortable, then you’ll need to try something else that suits his style more.

Have a clearout

Make it a joint mission to donate some of both of your old clothes or sell some on eBay.  Once he feels good about giving and also making a bit of extra pocket money you can hopefully get him to give away the clothes you are least impressed with.  With the tips above and some new clothes from your shopping trip, he’ll hopefully feel ready to part with his old attire to make space for new things and even feel good about it.