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Having a sudden urge to change? These are the areas you could work on...

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There comes certain points in the year, I feel, where you get this sudden surge of motivation to change things in your life and restore your health.

New Year is one of the most common times, halfway through the year, and also when the season changes.

Even the start of a new month can give you that chance to wipe the slate clean and implement new ideas into your life. But what areas could really have the most impact on your life?

Is it really possible to make positive changes?

I thought I would share with you some of the areas you could work on. I hope it inspires you to make some positive changes yourself.

Your health and fitness levels

Sometimes the change needs to start from within, and your health and fitness levels can be a fantastic way to gain the right level of impact you are hoping for. Health could be in terms of your diet, and it doesn’t mean you need to try something crazy, it could be as simple as eating more fruit and vegetables, trying a new eating style like plant based to see if you notice a difference.  Restoring healthy habits if you've been a bit slack recently could be all you need to do to start feeling great again.

Fitness could be easily rectified by just choosing to be more active each day. Walking somewhere instead of driving, for example. Often making changes in this area can have a huge effect on other aspects of your life such as your mental health, the amount of good quality sleep you get, your mood and even things like your skin tone and condition.

Don't forget about your mental health.  Whilst maintaining healthy eating habits and good fitness habits will certainly help to keep your mental health and moods in check, sometimes we need a little extra help if suffering from depression, PTSD or another mental health condition.  If your mental health does not seem to be improving by healthy lifestyle habits then you need to go to your doctor or talk to a therapist for professional advice and treatment.

Your career options

Maybe you feel like you are quite healthy and exercise regularly, so an area you may want to focus on could be your career. A lot of people feel trapped in their jobs because they feel like they have no choice but to bring in that consistent wage.

But if you start planning to make the changes, you can prepare ahead of time to make the change you want. It could be studying something new like a online bba in accounting, it might be a different change of career entirely like going from a sales job to midwifery or nursing. It could even be having the courage to set up yourself and start your own business.

I became a full-time lifestyle blogger and totally changed the dynamic of my life. It is possible to make those changes if you plan and prepare for it and know what you want to do.

Your general home and work life balance

Maybe it is more subtle changes you are wanting to make, such as your home and work life balance could be out of whack. Perhaps working less and spending more time with the family could be the answer. Or it might mean being more proactive with the time you do have, so you get some quality time working and quality time with your family instead of feeling like you are not doing either particularly well.

Your parenting style

Finally, you may want to look at other changes you can make to your daily life. For example, your parenting style. We can all feel the mum guilt every now and again. School holidays, for example, can really bring out your demons.

However, if you want to change your style, be less shouty or less likely to use an iPad or the TV for help, then look at your style and plan. Planning will help you be prepared for different activities with the children while still being able to maintain the other things you need to do.

You may also need to get out of a rut now you are a parent and find yourself again.

Final word

I hope that these areas give you the incentive and inspiration you need to make some positive changes in your life.