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Super Smart Relaxing Oil Blend Review

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I was recently contacted by a company called Super Smart who sells a range of supplements including some natural based items suitable for vegans.  Perfect! 

I do take some supplements already such as spirulina, vitamin B12, vitamin D3 and sometimes some for focus such as ashwagandha and rhodiola. 

I love the amazing health benefits of these supplements and I always choose vegan wholefood supplements. 

I don’t like artificial products and as much as possible I believe we should get our nutrition and medicine from food sources. 

In this article I’m going to review the Super Smart Relaxing Oil Blend which is a pack of essential oil soft gel capsules to promote calm, destress, relax the mind and soothe sleep.

The experiment

I started taking the tablets around nine days ago and I’ve had some evenings taking them before bed and others without taking them.  I also tried taking two tablets on one of the evenings and four on the others.  I wanted to see if I noticed a difference.  I’m always keen for natural remedies to work so I have more of a natural bias towards them, so hopefully my little experiment helps to prove my results.

It was a tricky time for me to review a sleep aid as I recently twisted my sacroiliac joint and my sleeping has been severely affected!  Obviously these are an aid to promote better sleep quality and destress, but they are not going to help with my current pain situation, so I can only imagine they will work even better when I’m back to normal.  Nevertheless, I’m certain I have seen a drastic improvement in my relaxation the evenings I have taken the tablets.

Natural Essential Oils Sleep Aid Review - Relaxing Oil Blend Capsules by Su

What do the tablets contain?

Each soft gel contains at least 75 different active molecules and five essential oils:

  • Essential oil of sweet marjoram – anxiety relieving properties, antiviral properties
  • Essential oil of lavender – eases mental tension, calms nerves and heart palpitations, treats depressions, cures insomnia, sedative
  • Essential oil of mandarin – treats stress, agitation and anxiety
  • Essential oil of lemongrass  - calming, sedative
  • Essential oil of lemon verbena – relieves temporary depression, sedative, anti-inflammatory

I knew there were lots of easy ways to use essential oils in the home but I had no idea you could also consume some essential oils for health!

What can the tablets help with?

The blend is a natural alternative to pharmaceutical sleeping tablets and the website says they can be used to act on the following symptoms:

  • palpitations
  • feelings of oppression
  • irritability
  • nervous tension
  • agitation or over-stimulation
  • sleep problems
  • intrusive thoughts
  • stress
  • nervous anticipation

The review

The tablets arrived very quickly and I was sent two packs.  It’s recommended to take 1-4 capsules around half hour before going to bed.  I decided to go full steam ahead on my first try and take four capsules!  They are soft gel style so easy to swallow.  I’ve never struggled to take even large tablets, but even if you do these are so silky smooth they should slip down easily.  As they contain actual essential oils I was a bit worried they’d burst in my mouth so swallowed as quickly as possible.  Make sure you have water to hand!

I am certain I was more relaxed and content the evenings I took four tablets.  I’ve done this for around three or four evenings over the past week with last night being the most successful.  I find it difficult to switch off, especially as I work from home.  I see emails pinging through to my phone and if I have work to do, which is most days, then I struggle to forget about it and relax.  As I’m at home I know I could always be working!  I also like to stay on top of things so I can’t rest until I am.  I really need to learn to be strict with my working hours and separate my home and work life, but anyone who runs their own business will know how difficult that can be!

Last night I managed to totally switch my thoughts off and happily relax on the sofa for one hour before bed.  I went to bed around 40 minutes earlier than usual and I slept right through past my normal waking time, even though my back is as sore as ever.  I’m sure the capsules helped with this.

The night’s I have taken four capsules I have noticed it easier to relax and switch off my thoughts.  I regularly get a bit anxious in the evenings wondering what the next day will bring and I worry my website will suddenly delete itself or work will dry up.  It’s a thought that’s often on my mind and it usually strikes me whilst in bed trying to sleep.  Not the most appropriate time!  I’ve found myself having these worrying thoughts less whilst taking these tablets and actually focussing on the present moment instead and going to sleep!

The night I took two capsules I did not notice much of a change.  For me I do need to take four so they have the desired effect.  If you’re worried about taking so many then I suggest starting with one and building up.


It’s only been a short while since I’ve been trying this blend, but I am convinced it has aided a more relaxing evening, switched off my negative thought processes before sleeping and therefore encouraged a better quality of rest.  Even with my current twisted pelvis I was still able to notice a difference comparing the evenings I took them and the evenings I did not.  I will continue to take these as and when I need them to switch off and get a better night’s kip.

I much prefer to explore natural solutions to any mental problems or sleep disorders before resorting to drugs.  I’d only ever choose drugs if I absolutely needed them and all other natural avenues had been explored.  For anxiety, sleep issues and stress I’d recommend trying this Relaxing Oil Blend to see if it helps.

I’ve never heard of anyone ingesting essential oils before and I didn’t even know it was possible.  I was certain I had sweet citrus flavours coming up to my mouth one evening!  Now, do not go and start mixing your own essential oils and drinking them.  This can be very dangerous and toxic!  Essential oils are not risk free, especially when ingesting them.  The dosage in the Relaxing Oil Blend is maximised to ensure the effectiveness and safety of the capsules which has been chosen by leading health professionals.

Here’s a link to the Relaxing Oil Blend featured in this review:

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