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Four weeks with a twisted sacroiliac joint and my second osteopath appointment

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I can’t believe it, neither could the osteopath, but it’s been almost four weeks of a twisted sacroiliac joint – ouch!  Read my first blog post my experience of a twisted sacroiliac joint injury (and visit to a chiropractor and osteopath) to see how I think I did it and why I didn’t ‘click’ with the chiropractor.

I’ve never had a back injury before so wasn’t sure how long it would take to heal, but the osteopath seemed genuinely surprised I was still in lots of pain and pretty much the same when I returned a week later for a second appointment.

This time he decided to take a different approach.  At the first appointment he manipulated and massaged the joint and muscles in a hard way.  He said this may have had the opposite of the desired effect and caused them to respond by clamping up, just like a chain with a knot in it would if you tug at it.  So this time he tried a gentler approach to tease the muscles and joints.

It’s been five days since this appointment and I still feel pretty painful around my left lower back.  I wonder if it will just take a few weeks to heal itself if it’s a bad injury, so for now I have cancelled my appointment next week to see what happens.

It’s still super frustrating as I can’t exercise as normal (I usually run, swim, dance and yoga each week).  I can only walk.  I’ve been walking uphill three times a week on the treadmill, but I’m dying to run and stretch out in some yoga poses!

I wonder if sitting all day at a desk is making it worse and so I have a walking treadmill desk on my wish list, though to make it cheaper just the treadmill part and a raising platform to go on my existing desk.  I also have my eye on a kneeler chair to help with posture.

I’ve no idea if my back is getting better as I think I’m getting used to it more than anything.  I’m walking and sitting differently, I’m getting in and out of bed differently and into cars carefully.  The first week I injured my back I was still trying to do everything as I normally would and yelping out in pain!  I think perhaps that pain is still there but I don’t notice as my movements are more cautious.

I still can’t bend down.  I can usually stand with legs straight and bend over to put my hands on the floor in yoga, now I can barely bend at all and can’t get my hands past my knees.  I can’t do child’s pose as I can’t get my head down.  I can’t get my socks on which is the worst!  I feel like I’ve had an elderly spine transported into my back.

The worst pain is when I sneeze or cough!  I yelp out in pain right after and normally leap up!

I’ve seen there’s an injection from the NHS for sacroiliac injuries that goes right into the joint to help, but I really hate synthetic medication and I hope it will heal naturally or I can find a natural way if not.

Fingers crossed this will start sorting itself soon and isn’t a permanent damage.

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