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5 things I’ve learned having a sacroiliac joint injury

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Six weeks ago I twisted my sacroiliac joint and I’m pleased to say it’s finally healed!  It was agony for the first four weeks, but then it really quickly started feeling better in week four.  I got a bit excited and tried to jog, but it felt like the bones were grinding, so I left it another week and I was finally able to run this week, swim and do yoga without being in agony.  It’s exactly six weeks today and it’s totally back to normal.  I wasn’t sure whether the chiropractor or osteopath helped or whether they were right for this injury.  All the information I Googled said it was a 4-6 week injury and it was right.  Perhaps it would have just healed itself and I could have saved my money.  Who knows.

I am so happy that my injury has healed and I can get back to exercising.  I already feel a gazillion times better from doing yoga the past two days.  Now I can get back to running three times a week and really feel like myself again!

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5 things I learned when I was unable to exercise due to injury...

Here are 5 things I learned from having a sacroiliac injury.

... Not all people at the gym are lazy

I’ve judged people at the gym before, but now I realise they may have an injury or be in pain.  I am guilty of thinking people aren’t doing very much at the gym, but now I know there could be a reason.  At week four I went to the gym just to walk uphill on the treadmill as I was dying to do some sort of exercise, but not be in pain.  I felt really self-conscious that people must be thinking how little I was doing and what was the point of me being in the gym.  I’ll definitely not be quick to judge other people next time.  Though there was a girl who got on the treadmill next to me, ran really fast for about 20 seconds, took her top off so she was just in her sports bra and took a selfie, then got off…!

... I don’t take my health for granted

When people have an injury a common thing to say is something like ‘we take our health for granted until we lose it’.  I thought of this when I hurt my back and couldn’t do normal tasks like put my own socks on, get in the car or bend down to pick up a toy.  But then I thought, no, actually, I don’t take my health for granted.  In fact I try to look after and preserve my health as best as possible, even more so than most people I know.  I don’t drink alcohol, I don’t smoke, I avoid soy and added sugar, I eat a wholefood plant based vegan diet, I aim for ten or more portions of fruit and vegetables a day, I exercise almost every day and go to the gym at least three times a week.  I use natural cleaning products and beauty products.  I distil my water.  I choose organic whenever possible.  I really do not take my health for granted.  I’m doing my best to look after my health every single day.

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... Life is really tough for people with chronic back pain

No matter how healthy I am though, I can still sometimes catch a cold or injure my back!  No amount of healthy living can help when it’s a muscular or bone injury, though it may help the healing process be speedier.  I can’t imagine having to live with chronic back pain and I have a deeper appreciation of how tough life is for people who are in agony every day.  Not being able to complete normal tasks I do every day with ease usually, was so unbelievably frustrating.  Everything in the body is connected and having a back injury meant I couldn’t do so many other things, like look down, reach my feet, wash my hair easily or even sneeze and cough without being in excruciating pain.  I feel really sorry for people who have to deal with this everyday.

... I love exercise

I love to exercise regularly as I like to stay fit and healthy, but I was never sure if it was something I really enjoyed or just did because it’s good for me.  Not being able to exercise for almost six weeks made me realise how much I do love to exercise.  I missed it so much!  At four weeks I started going to the gym and walking uphill on the treadmill as my back was feeling better, but I still couldn’t run without pain.  I found it so frustrating not being able to run and had the constant urge to.  I realised exercise really makes me happy and feel like me.  I felt really restricted not being able to do it.

... Time is a healer

I’ve never had an injury for such a long time and after being in so much pain and it seeming to get worse after a week and not get better, I went to see a chiropractor and osteopath.  I’m not sure this was the right decision and I think it was just an injury that can possibly heal itself.  Research said a twisted sacroiliac joint injury takes 4-6 weeks to heal and that was exactly what I experienced.  I was hoping I could speed up recovery and was worried if I didn’t see a professional it may get worse.  If I injure myself again I will read the advice and trust my body (which is usually fit and healthy) to heal itself before spending lots of money.

Hopefully that’s my last injury for this year!  I had also strained a muscle in my foot in February.  I never usually injure myself and have never had an injury as bad as this twisted sacroiliac joint before.  Onwards and upwards.