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Get 100% renewable energy with Bulb and save lots of money (over £250)

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Get 100% renewable energy with Bulb and save lots of money

You can get £50 credit for Bulb as well as saving around £200 per year (we’ll save £264) by joining Bulb with my referral link by clicking here!

I only recently discovered that we could save money by switching our gas and electricity to another company when our tariff ended.  To be totally honest, I didn’t even realise we were in a yearly tariff.  When we moved into our home four years ago it was with British Gas and we just continued with them without ever questioning it.  I don’t really know why.  I guess I naively thought everyone was priced roughly the same or it would be a massive headache to switch suppliers.  I was so wrong.  In this blog post I’m going to share why we have switched to a more eco-friendly energy supplier called Bulb saving £264 per year.  Plus, I can give you £50 credit if you decide to make the switch and use my link.

Every year we compare car, travel and home insurance to get the best deal, but I’ve never compared home energy.  If you don’t, then you should start.  I decided to start this year after realising we could save hundreds of pounds a year compared to our current prices.  I’m now going to compare energy prices regularly too as it’s so simple to switch!

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I used a price comparison site first and it said we’d save the most per year with Bulb.  This was based on our current energy plan and prices are going up next year, so really we should save even more.  I then found the Bulb website, entered my postcode and how much energy we currently use per year and our current tariff, then it told me in an instant how much I could save.  We decided we were happy with the amount and went for it.  We were also totally swayed by the fact that it’s 100% renewable electricity and green energy so it fits with our beliefs.

We clicked a couple of buttons and said we wanted to switch and it was all done.  Bulb will take care of the whole thing.  They’ll even tell us when to take final meter readings and pass them onto British Gas for us.  The whole process couldn’t be simpler and sign up takes around two minutes.

If you have exit fees, that’s if you’re still locked into a tariff with your current supplier, then no need to worry about those either.  Bulb will even pay your exit fees for you!

You can also leave Bulb at any time, so you're not tied into a contract with your electricity or gas.

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Bulb say they’ll save you £200 per year, but our estimate was actually a £264 yearly saving.  Plus it should be more as our tariff for next year was going to cost even more with our current supplier.

Not only can you save £200 per year and have cheaper bills, but with my referral link you can have £50 credit added to your account. 


The massive bonus for us was that Bulb use 100% renewable electricity and 10% green gas energy.  This is more beneficial for the planet and helps us to do our bit.  Bulb was founded by Amit and Hayden, two friends from the traditional energy industry, who wanted to reduce environmental damage and make it affordable at the same time.  They say ‘Every year, the typical home with Bulb saves 1.3 tonnes of CO2 from entering the atmosphere. That's the same as planting 655 trees.’

I’m so glad we made the switch and I’m sure it was the right decision based on their #1energy supplier rating from happy customers on Trustpilot. 


You can get £50 credit as well as saving around £200 per year (we’ll save £264) by joining Bulb with my referral link by clicking here

Bulb discount code


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How to get 100% renewable energy and save lots of money