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5 myths about powdered greens

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 Green supplements are quite popular right now so it’s absolutely normal to hear all sorts of opinions about them.

From conspiracy theories stating we only consume them because of good marketing, to people strongly believing all greens are the same, the myths on this topic are quite creative.

But you shouldn’t allow false information stop you from improving your current state of health.

Myths are just that and today I will debunk five of the most common variations you might hear in relation to green powders.

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#1: Producers Can Put Anything in the Powder

This was more of a slander campaign, but it had some effect on the general public and some people still believe harmful ingredients can be hidden in the powder. Of course, it’s important to buy the product with your eyes wide open and do your own research beforehand. Like anything, you shouldn’t  buy from a brand you don’t trust and this is particularly important when it comes to a product that you’re putting in your body.

Reputable producers are very careful with their ingredients because they want to deliver a high-quality product and acquire customers. So make sure to read customer reviews; this can really help you understand what other people have experienced, and if there are any ingredients you should be wary of.

Still, I recommend you read the label carefully, to make sure you agree with all the ingredients before consuming any product.

#2: All Products Are the Same

Just because they’re all green it doesn’t mean they all have the same content (or the same results!) Each product features a unique combination of grains, herbs, vegetables, fruits, and grasses that create a special blend of nutrients and vitamins.

Furthermore, the method of processing has a huge impact on the final result, which is why some producers offer both the standard and the raw blend of the same combination.

#3: There’s No Need to Consume Vegetables

This myth is not only totally wrong, it’s also dangerous! Green powders are included in the category of supplements for a good reason and that is they help complete the types of nutrients you get from a diet based on all food groups. Powdered greens can’t and shouldn’t replace vegetables in their raw format!

Vegetables have fibre and contain nutrients that are lost during the processing of the powder. Not to mention, when consumed fresh, they bring plenty of natural energy to your body.

Ultimately you can use both vegetables and powdered greens to achieve a healthy diet; you can’t outsmart a poor diet that doesn’t include both fruits and veggies! Your body needs a wide range of nutrients to function correctly and you can’t cheat your own health.

#4: All Green Powders Are Good

Just like not all powders are the same, not all powders are designed to help with your specific needs. This is why there are so many combinations out there. Price can be a good benchmark to check the quality of your greens, and understanding the proportions of each ingredient included within the specific powder is vital.

When it comes to choosing a greens powder that will help improve your health and general level of energy, you should first consider the ingredients you are allergic to or which don’t agree with you. This way, you can eliminate certain brands and products from the start.

Next, it’s best to analyse your current diet and learn the types of vitamins and minerals you need to add. Think about it: is there a type of veggie you don’t like or you don’t have access to? It’s also important to consider the season, as we don’t have that much access to green veggies during winter.

Following this process, you’ll see there are all sorts of products to use according to your immediate needs.

#5: There Is No Right Time for Powders

While it’s true you can consume supplements whenever you want during the day, it’s also true there is an optimal moment for this.

You should consume your powdered greens in the morning, or at least one hour before working out. You should also avoid getting your smoothie after working out (there are studies proving that antioxidants hinder the body’s ability to recover and grow if consumed immediately after working out).

In Conclusion

As you can see, the truth is somewhere in the middle: green powders are not a magic pill, but they do have their benefits when incorporated as part of a balanced routine. Particularly when it comes to providing a boost of energy and helping you to diversify and complete a healthy diet.