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5 ways to save money for egg donation treatment

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Egg donation is a highly successful infertility treatment, especially in infertility cases like diminished ovarian reserve or advanced maternal age.

However, only a small percentage of patients can benefit from free treatment funded by the NHS.

The vast majority of patients have to resort to treatment offered by private clinics. These can be very expensive especially in the UK, USA and Australia. 

Generally it is considered that egg donation treatment is more affordable in Europe (Spain, Poland, Greece, Ukraine, etc.). 

Many British patients decide to travel to Europe to undergo an egg donation cycle in one of the affordable clinics there.

Egg donors and IVF treatment is cheaper in European clinics though still it can drain your family budget.

Here is a bunch of ways to save money for your egg donation program.

The sooner you start saving money, the sooner you will be able to start the egg donation cycle and become a mother.

Do not let your finances stand in your way to your dreamed motherhood.

These saving tips will help you when it is time to pay for your egg donation program at your chosen clinic.

  1. Do not spend more than you earn. This is the most important rule of saving. Forget about your credit cards. It is estimated that consumers who use plastic to pay for their food spend 30% more on average than customers who pay in cash. Every week withdraw enough cash to spend during the week. Try to avoid using your debit card for small shop purchases. It is easier to keep track of your cash than ‘plastic money.’
  2. Concentrate on your basic needs, not wants. Prioritise. Certainly, bills, food and home utilities belong to your needs, but think twice if you really need another pair of shoes or a new watch? Stay focused on your long-term goal of saving for your egg donation treatment and medicine.
  3. Cut down on eating out and travelling.  Buying ready meals, lunches or even coffee to go can cost you up to £600 every six months. That is £100 extra that you could save each month. Take your own coffee to go, bring your own lunch to work and learn to cook and prepare meals in advance so your fridge is always full and you will not be tempted to order take away a few nights a week. What is more, if you are planning to have egg donation program at one of the European clinics, you can combine your annual holidays with a initial consultation with a doctor in a clinic in Spain, Greece or any other destination. This way you will kill two birds with one stone.
  4. Save money on your utility bills. Find out if you can switch to a cheaper electricity provider or a mobile phone provider. Consider quitting your Netflix or Spotify accounts for a few months until you save enough for your treatment. 
  5. Go teetotal. Avoiding alcohol will not only help you save money but it will be highly beneficial for your health. Being teetotal increases your chances of getting pregnant during the egg donation cycle and having a healthy pregnancy. Iced tea, ice coffee or juice? Pick your favourite drink. Your body will thank you later. 

Final word

These tips should help you save some money which you can use towards your medical bills and donor egg fees. Before you choose a clinic, remember to shop around, compare donor egg programs, and do extensive research, so you can choose a fairly cheap egg donor program tailored to your needs and budget. Good luck!