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Why finding love doesn’t have to cost a penny

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Finding love online is becoming more and more popular. 

Go back ten years or so and I knew a couple who had found love online using dating sites, but they were ashamed to admit it, so they had a made up story to tell others when asked how they met!

There was a certain stigma to online dating back then. 

Niche dating sites, such as single parent dating, gay dating or religious sites were pretty much unheard of. 

Now times have changed and online dating is becoming the norm especially as we communicate and socialise online more than ever. 

I can only imagine in a few years it will be so normal to find a partner online that future generations will question how we found love without the internet.  Traditional dating methods will be old fashioned!

The benefits of free online dating sites

With the rise of online dating comes the rise of sites promising to be the one site that will find you love.   

Of course many of these sites will come with a hefty price tag too; perhaps a monthly fee or signup fee. 

Many are jumping on the bandwagon to make a profit from your soulmate searching.  But are they any better than free dating sites? 

Before spending a penny, have a read of the benefits of using a free dating site:

They are free

Of course the biggest advantage is that they are free.  You don’t have to spend a penny to potentially find the person of your dreams.  If finding a match takes a long time then this could save you a lot of money.  Obviously it also has its disadvantages as you’ll have the jokers on these sites who aren’t interested in dating at all, but hopefully these are few and far between as who has time to set up fake profiles all day long?

You can get a feel for online dating

If you’re new to the world of online dating sites then trying a free one is a great idea to start.  It will give you a feel of how dating websites work and to see if it’s actually right for you.  You may otherwise spend money on a paid site only to discover it’s not the avenue you want to go down for finding a date.

Everyone can send and receive messages

Other dating sites may allow you to sign up for free and browse profiles, but you’ll be unable to message anyone you are interested in without upgrading to a paid plan.  On free sites you know that anyone who is interested in you is able to message you and vice versa.

There’s no contract

Some dating sites have a contract so you’ll have to pay by monthly direct debit until your contract ends.  This is a waste of money if you stop using the site or find love before the contract is over.  Make sure you read the small print before giving payment information to any dating site to check what you’re signing up for.  Or just use a free dating site where you’ll never have to enter payment information or be caught out by a contract.

If you’re looking for love and want to try online dating then a free dating site is the perfect starting point.

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