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The bumper guide to why your child should horse ride

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Are you always on the lookout for a new hobby for your child to undertake? We’re sure you’ll agree that there’s nothing worse than your children sitting around the house, glued to a computer screen and getting in the way of your hoovering! Well, have you ever considered horse riding as an outlet?

Though horse riding may be an expensive hobby, that certainly shouldn’t put you off as there are hundreds of reasons why your child should give horse riding a go! Courtesy of horse nutrition specialists Spillers Feeds, we’re going to give you a solid five of the most important reasons to take your child down to the local stables.

There’s a tangible boost to their confidence

Much like sports and drama are said to be key in helping boost your child’s confidence – so too will horse riding. The thinking here is that horse riding can prove difficult when you first start out, but as you develop skills within the disciple you start to become more confident in yourself. Eventually they’ll be thinking to themselves ‘if I can do that, I can do anything’! 

All ages are welcome

It would be reasonable to think that horse riding would be for the older children, wouldn’t it? Well, guess again! Some children begin their adventures with horse riding from as young as three years of age, whereby a pony and your toddler can get to know each other a little better – and maybe even grow through life together! 

Typically, though, you’ll find that most riding schools will cater to the ages of six and above. At this age you’ll find they’ll be able to sit properly on a fully-grown horse, whereas at a younger age they’ll to be sat upon a pony or a smaller horse. They’ll also have a greater sense of spatial awareness, so they will be able to go on treks with the horse now that they can identify potential hazards and steer well clear of them.

Riding builds character

There’s a direct correlation between the usefulness of many of the skills gained in horse riding and skills you will need later on in life. Think I’m exaggerating? Patience and discipline are key traits in becoming a better equestrian and obviously will go a long way in the future. 

If your child is lucky enough to look after their own horse they will also be instilled with a sense of responsibility, accountability and most importantly a caring nature – which is very helpful for inter-personal skills.

There are plenty of fitness benefits

You might think that because they’ll be sat on a saddle for most of the experience that they won’t get much of a workout – but you couldn’t be more wrong! Horse riding encourages a full bodily workout because your core is doing most of the work, as well as your legs getting the workout of helping you to keep your balance. It is also fantastic for posture!

It’s great fun!

Everyone always seems to forget this bit when trying to convince your child to do a new activity, but it’s worth remembering that horse riding is an incredible experience! You get to experience nature in all it’s glory while often going out with groups so it’s a fantastic way to make friends.