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The benefits of fitted wardrobes over freestanding

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Whilst the very thought of a fitted wardrobe may at first seem old fashioned and dated, designs have come a long way and a bespoke piece can really enhance your bedroom’s appeal, much more so than a freestanding unit.  People seem to have a love or hate relationship for built in wardrobes and today in this blog post I aim to convert you into a fan of the fitted wardrobe by sharing some of their many benefits.

I recently had a bespoke reclaimed pallet wood wardrobe built into my bedroom corner and I just love it.  It is the exact size I want, bespoke to my home and décor taste and it’s created some extra storage space I didn’t have before with a shorter freestanding wardrobe.  I never thought I’d want something fixed to the wall, but I have now been converted!  You can view it in my blog post How my bedroom décor describes my personality

Here are some of the many benefits of a fitted wardrobe over a freestanding unit:

Make use of wasted space

Freestanding wardrobes create a lot of wasted space.  There’s usually a gap between the wall and the wardrobe, a huge gap from full height to the ceiling and even a few inches gap beneath.  These wasted spaces are just an attraction for dust, junk, clutter and rubbish and serve no purpose.  With a bespoke fitted wardrobe you can make use of all this wasted space by designing the wardrobe right from the floor to the ceiling and up to the walls with no gaps at all.

Enhance the height of the room

By using furniture that is the full height of the room it will give the impression the room is taller by elongating it.  This is particularly useful in a low ceiling house or small room where you want to create the illusion of more space and a larger bedroom.

Hide the clutter

Depending on the space available to you it’s possible to create storage for more than just your clothes and shoes.  Add draws and shelves to store blankets, travel bags and other belongings that might usually be on show on top of the wardrobe or beneath.  Your room will be neater and tidier in the process enhancing its overall appearance.

Bespoke for your bedroom

The best thing about fitted wardrobes is they are not an off the shelf product.  They are custom made for you and bespoke to your bedroom. They can be made with a variety of materials and in a colour that complements your existing décor.  They’ll fit in wherever you want them too, even in alcoves or below slanted ceilings.

Easier to clean

One big bonus is they are much easier to clean than a regular wardrobe.  As there are no gaps around the edges as they’re flush to the wall, there will be nowhere for dust to settle and collect.  All clothes and belongings will also be dust free as they do not need to be in the open.

There are so many benefits to a fitted wardrobe and with so many designs to choose from they are the perfect bedroom investment.