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Flourish in Your Career

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We're in the working world for the long run. There’s pretty much no way out. Even if you decide to start up your own business, you’ll still spending most of your time working. Even if you go part time, you’re still going to be there at some point.

The only way to truly get out of the working world is to win the lottery, and there’s a fat chance that that’s going to happen!  Even if it did, would you honestly do nothing?

I know I'd still want to run my own businesses even if I was rich! Hopefully I'd have more flexibility though.

So, if you’re stuck with this working lifestyle, how do you think you’re going to be able to make it better for yourself?

Because, everyone spends so much time stressing about how much they hate work, but don’t do anything about it. That’s what I want to try and change.

I've got a few ways that you can help your career flourish, and possibly take you down a new road altogether.  There's no point in continuously moaning about something and not doing anything about it.

How To Grow & Flourish In Your Career

Journey back to education

The thought of education to some of you is going to sound like an absolute nightmare.

School was either a place where you thrived, or a place where you cried!

When you think about it, all the stress with exams and what not was really horrible. However, going back to education when you’re that little bit older just isn’t the same. It’s such a relaxed atmosphere, and for most of the courses that you can do, you don’t even need to leave your home.

It’s not all about being stuck in a classroom wishing you were somewhere else. It’s about enjoying your time whilst learning, and doing it at your own pace.

For example, you could do a online masters in psychology, and it could take you so many different places in the working world. Because we’re not just on about the psychology of the brain here, we’re on about the psychology of people, and how it links to the business world. Psychology plays a big part in how companies manage their marketing campaigns, and it can help you to become a better person with the people you interact with. You really would be surprised how far this online degree would get you!

It's the same with a lot of other degrees too.  They can open up the door to so many different career opportunities.  Find something you are passionate about learning and see where the degree takes you!

Journey abroad

If you’re going on a journey, you might as well journey abroad. I'm not going to try and say that the career choices here in the UK are limited, because they’re not. But you need to understand that they’re not the only careers out there, and we’re not the only country who offers the careers that we do.

You’ll find that if you head to countries such as Thailand or Australia, you’ll have the same jobs, and a mix of different jobs to enjoy. There’s nothing more liberating than travelling the world either, and if you were going to do it, you might as well work so you can extend your stay.

Working in different countries is actually really good for your employability back home. So, if you were to go and teach in Thailand for six months, and then wanted to get a job in teaching back home, it would look so much better for you.

There are even options to travel abroad for work in countries that speak a different language, without having to learn another language at all.  If you love France, for example, then Baby Langues offer jobs in France for English speakers to teach English as a foreign language to children aged 3-12 years.  It's a great way to visit a new country, immerse yourself in the culture and even get paid whilst helping others at the same time!

Push yourself

How hard do you have to drag yourself out of bed to actually get up in the morning?

If the answer is a lot, then you’re not alone. So many people struggle to have that drive to work, because we’re always working for someone.

But the lack of drive is where productivity drops, and if you show yourself to not be a hard working employee, then you’re pretty much setting yourself up for failure.

You need to dig deep, and push through every shift at your best performance. The more they see, the more they’re going to like, and the more doors that might be able to open for you.

Even on the days where you feel like you’re struggling the most, you have to find that motivation and positivity. Whether it be money that’s motivating you, or the desire to progress within your role.

Making yourself more employable

It’s not hard to make yourself more employable. All you have to do is some extracurricular activities as it were, and you could fill your CV with things that are going to make you so much more employable.

Volunteering is always a good one. It shows you’re prepared to do things off your own back, for the good of others.

Furthering your education, and doing courses such as first aid are also really good. You might find your current job puts you on courses like this, or you might have to go out there and get them!

Working for yourself

And what if you hate being a employee altogether?

If you have a lot of self-motivation and determination and you're filled with business ideas, then perhaps consider working for yourself.  Obviously don't go and quit your day job on a whim as you need to pay the bills, but if you have a great idea then start off doing it in your spare time and start building a business.

Then when you've been comfortably making a decent wage for months on end it could be time to make that leap into full time self-employment.  There's nothing more rewarding than working for yourself and creating your own income doing something you love!

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Need some inspiration now?  Here are 10 careers you can do from home.


Accelerated Career Success: Strategies for Reaching New Heights on the Corporate Ladder 

This section will discuss some methods for climbing the corporate ladder, as well as some ways to remain focused that will allow you to be successful.  Working, trying to prove yourself as the best, and through this way burning yourself out, is not the way.  If you are unhappy or feel you have more to give, and most of all that you want to do it for yourself.  Stand firm and relax. Help is here.

1)  Know where you're going:

Take a moment and see how far you have come, and what you have already achieved.  For example, if you want to progress in your career, take into account what experience in the field you have that could help you get there. Likewise, evaluate your formed abilities to see if they align with what is needed for success at the next level of your career.

If necessary, look into other specialists who have achieved the same goals as you and seek out any common traits or skills they may have had in order to get there. This can give you an useful insight into what it takes to be successful and serve as a reminder of what you need to do when things get tough.

Develop positive relationships with coworkers, supervisors and those higher up in the company hierarchy. For instance if you are thinking of going from attorney to advocate consider reaching out to someone like Origin Legal that will gladly help. Speaking to knowledgeable people is an important factor that can often play a great role in propelling one's career forward. Make sure to take advantage of every opportunity available at work as well as any courses or certifications that can enhance your knowledge base or skill set which are related to your current or desired career path.

2) Changing Career:

If you decide to switch careers, make sure it is something you are excited about and that you will actually enjoy. Think long-term and try to plan out the next few years of your career before making a big leap.

Once you've decided on a direction to take, start building a plan of action and connections with professionals. There are many resources out there that can help you, from short courses to workshops, perhaps even taking a day trip observing your new interest.

3) Motivation is the key:

You may at a stage feel everything is getting to you, take a deep breath, take a step back and reassess. Set small achievable goals for yourself that can help keep you on track. Remember why you started this journey in the first place, and continuously remind yourself of the future successes awaiting you. You are in charge of your own destiny, so don't be scared to take control or make changes if it helps further your career aspirations!

Final word

Good luck in reaching all your professional goals! Accelerated career success is within reach when you have dedicated dedication and discipline. With hard work, determination, and some patience, anything is possible.