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10 careers you can do from home

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The ability to work from home is a dream for many.  Since having my children I have been able to work from home by building a business that fits perfectly into a busy family lifestyle.  I’m able to work when the children are at school and again in the evenings when they are in bed.  I can do all the school runs and be there for special events like sports day.  Though there are also plenty of drawbacks to working at home, the positives far outweigh the negatives at this point in my life.  If you have been considering a career from home, but you’re not sure what to do, here are ten careers you can do from the comfort of your own home:


If you are an expert in a subject and love to teach others about it, then tutoring could be for you.  Though you don’t formally need a qualification it’s in your best interest to have a degree in the subject matter or vast experience.  If you have teaching experience, then even better and it can be the perfect post teaching job.  There are many tutors in demand such as 11 plus tutors, maths tuition, A-level and GCSE guidance and so on.


If you love wellbeing and relaxation then why not consider training as a masseuse?  I can’t think of anything more relaxing than giving massages all day!  You’ll need to be qualified and a quiet dedicated space such as a spare room is an advantage.

Virtual Assistant

If you’re highly organised and enjoy being so, then a virtual assistant could be the dream career for you.  It can involve admin duties or even expand into managing a company’s social media profiles.  You’ll be able to choose your clients and the work can be varied so no two days are ever the same.


If you love writing then writing ‘copy’ for businesses could be for you.  This can be as content for their blog, promotional emails, leaflets, menus – basically anything that needs the written word.  You could set up your own website to promote your services or join gig sites such as People Per Hour or Upwork to find clients.


If healthy living and nutrition is your thing, then becoming a nutritionist could be the next logical step.  Not only will a qualification mean your knowledge is improved and verified, but you can also inspire and help others on their own personal health journeys.

Air BnB Host

If you love meeting new people and have a spare room, annexe or even an airship in your back garden, then becoming an Air BnB host is the perfect way to make extra cash from your space. 


Quite possibly the perfect role for mums with young children, allowing them to be with their own children, but to also look after other children and make a living at the same time.  Some county councils will even pay for the training and it can only take a few months to become qualified and registered.


If you’ve a passion for beauty then offering pampering treatments from your own home is ideal.  If you can undercut the more expensive local salons then you’re onto a winner.  Spray tanning, waxing, manicures and pedicures are all suitable to do from a dedicated space in your home.


Hairdressing is also a perfect work at home job if you are already qualified or are prepared to be.  It is best to gain experience in a salon, but once confident in your own skills then becoming an at-home hairdresser and being your own boss could be the dream situation.


Of course I could not complete this list without including blogging!  Blogging is now my full time work from home job and it really has provided me with so much flexibility as a work at home parent.  In my experience it takes time to build up content and an authoritative website, but if it’s your dream job then you can start this around your current commitments.

According to the Office for National Statistics there are 4.75 million people who are self-employed in the UK in 2018.  Are you ready to join them?

As you can begin to see, the possibilities of an at-home career are really endless.  Have a good think of what skills and experience you already have and whether this can be transformed into a home working job.  If not, you may have to think outside the box or retrain.  If you’re serious about working from home then it’s entirely possible with some hard work and commitment.

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