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On-board activities to do on cruise sea days

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If you’re worrying that you might be bored on a cruise ship, especially on sea days, think again.  Cruise ships are humungous.  They are like their own town or even mini city!  Whilst much of the excitement of a cruise is reaching the next destination, you should also make the most of sea days and not wish them away. 

Also known as ‘cruising or ‘at sea’, a sea day is quite literally when you are at sea for the day and you do not stop at a port.  So sit back, relax and enjoy the open waters or take part in one of the many on-board activities.

Gong on a cruise is a brilliant idea for a family holiday.  It’s a brilliant way to please both adults and kids alike with numerous kid-friendly activities on the ship and a mix of sightseeing for the adults too.  Many ships have plenty of kids clubs and entertainment to keep them entertained.  Some even have night nurseries for younger children so the parents can enjoy a date night or two.  If you are considering booking a cruise holiday then take a look at Bolsover for the best cruise deals and offers.

You may be wondering about the different ways you can spend time when on a cruise, especially when on a sea day or if you’re looking for things to keep you occupied before you arrive at your next destination.  Behold, here is a list of many of the ways to enjoy your time aboard a cruise ship.

Check out the schedule

Cruise ships are well prepared and resourced for sea days and they may even have a special schedule full of special entertainment and activities exclusively for these days.  Make the most of it and join in with as much as possible, especially if it’s included.

Go to the pool

Sea days are the perfect day to have a pool day and to indulge in a little relaxation time.  Make the most of the break from trekking around new places, soak up some rays or kick back on a lounger with an ice cold drink in your hand.

Work out

If you’ve been lying around and indulging a little too much then check out the fitness facilities and give your body a much needed workout.  That way you can treat yourself to more holiday treats guilt free!

Enjoy the sea view

Take the time to truly appreciate the wonders of the open ocean and its magnificence.  Find a peaceful spot and have time to be mindful appreciating the moment you are in and the amazing nature around you.

Catch a show

How about catching a show or going to the movies?  That’s right – the large cruise companies will have their own theatres and cinemas!  I told you, it’s like a mini town!

Place your bets

If you’ve some cash to splash then pop to the casino and try your luck at winning more!

Go thrill seeking

There are even some cruise ships with theme park style rides on board for those of us who love an adrenaline rush!  You can start ticking off things on your bucket list whilst on-board.  Why not?!

Read a book

If exhilaration is not on your agenda then use the time to get through a chunk of your reading list.  With so much to see and do both on and off the ship, it may be hard to find a moment to read your stack of holiday reads.

Research your next stop

If you really can’t wait for the next port stop, then use the time wisely to plan what you’ll do once you arrive.  Research the area and plan your schedule.

Have a spa day

Cruise ships have the most amazing spas and I don’t think any other spas in the world can compete with their setting.  Peaceful real sea views passing you by as you stare out of the windows.  Bliss!

As you’ll begin to realise there is simply no time to be bored on a cruise ship!  They are not simply a boat hotel, but they’re jam packed with ways to entertain you, teach you new things and even thrill you!  But if you want to kick back, relax and take it easy then there are plenty of spaces and spas to accommodate this desire too.