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5 car safety and maintenance tips in a heatwave

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We’ve all been enjoying the actual British summer we’ve been having of late and many of us would even refer to it as a heatwave.  In Britain I’m pretty sure ‘heatwave’ just means more than one standalone day of sunshine reaching more than 25 degrees Celsius!

Recently we’ve been seeing temperatures up in the 30s for days on end, around a full month of glorious summer weather to bask in. 

Whilst we know to look after ourselves in the sun by covering up and staying hydrated, it’s also important we look after our vehicles. 

Whilst many of us would associate icey temperatures with car troubles, extreme heat can also play havoc with our automobiles.

Here are some essential summer car safety and maintenance tips for a heatwave.  Stay safe on the roads and be careful in this heat.

Check the battery

Temperatures up to 30 degrees are good for batteries, but above this and they may start to overheat.  It’s also possible for liquid to evaporate in extreme temperatures within the battery and cause problems.  Some car centres offer a free battery health check which is especially important if you have an old battery.  If you’re close to Essex then new car batteries are available at Jet Wheel Tyre.

Pump up your tyres

Driving with deflated tyres increases the risk of a burst tyre and increases the risk causing of an accident.  If you over inflate them you will have less traction on the road.  Extreme temperatures can cause the pressure in the tyre to change so it’s important to check them regularly.  Hot weather can also cause the rubber in tyres to disintegrate so keep an eye on them and if in doubt check with a tyre specialist.

Park in the shade and save fuel

Your car and battery will get very hot when your car is parked in the blistering sun all day long, so choose a shady spot to park whenever possible.  The steering wheel will also get hot as well as metal bits such as on seatbelt clasps, so take care when getting into a boiling hot car.  A hot car uses more fuel than a cold car so this is another great reason to keep your car shaded as well as try to avoid driving in the boiling heat when possible.

Keep your engine cool

It’s not just you that needs fluid in the heat, but your car too.  Keep an eye on your engine’s temperature and make sure your car has plenty of coolant.  It will stop your car’s engine from overheating which could otherwise cause a breakdown.

Replace old wipers

Whilst you might not think you need your wipers much in the summer months, you’d be wrong.  Then warm weather means flying insects and bugs will be thriving and also unfortunately splatting on your windscreen.  Make sure your wiper fluid is topped up and check your wiper blades are clean or replace them if they are worn out and leaving smears on your windscreen.

Don’t neglect your car this summer and make sure it’s in tiptop working order to ensure the safety of you, your passengers and those around you.