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How thigh saver shorts can save you in the summer

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What are thigh saver shorts?

The weather of the past few days has been more comparable to the British summers we know, but it’s still thankfully been very warm.  Before the past few days we were perhaps having the longest heatwave I can remember since being a child; temperatures in the top twenties and even thirties for weeks on end.  Bliss!  I live for the summer and long to wear lightweight clothing with fewer layers; however as a female that doesn’t come without its difficulties.  Today I’m going to share with you a female fashion item that is great for the summer and for so many reasons.  This confidence boosting summer fashion item is the thigh saver shorts which you can find at online intimates store Knix.  These lightweight innovative shorts are a staple piece for any female’s wardrobe.

Here are 5 reasons thigh saver shorts, otherwise known as anti chafing shorts, can save you in the summer.

Stay dry

Ever got up off a plastic chair on a hot summer’s day and left a sweat patch?  I have.  I’ll tell you the last time I did it too – at the hairdressers.  A warm environment anyway and it was during a heatwave so I was quite literally dripping  Embarrasing.  These thigh saver shorts are great for absorbing sweat and preventing such sweaty situations.


Visible panty lines, also known as VPLs, can be banished with thigh saver shorts without having to resort to uncomfortable G-string style pants.  OK you may be a fan of the thong, but not me.  It’s uncomfortable and too revealing for me so it doesn’t make me feel confident or protected.  Previously it was the only option to stop knicker lines through tight clothing, but thigh savers are like a second skin that start high and finish on the leg, preventing any visible panty lines.

Prevent chaffing

No more painful chaffing or rashes when your thighs rub together as a thigh slip will provide a protective barrier.  There are powders and creams and all sorts of magical potions that promise to prevent ‘chub rub’, but thigh savers are reusable and provide so many other benefits making them a cost effective choice.

No getting stuck to chairs

Never mind sweating on chairs, but what about getting stuck to them?  Bare thighs and faux leather sofas or plastic patio chairs can be a nightmare combination in hot weather, but not when you’re wearing your thigh slips.

No flashing

Ooze confidence on hot sunny days when wearing short skirts or dresses without fear a gust of wind will flash your private parts to passers-by!  Thigh shorts will provide an extra layer of security between your most intimate parts and your clothes ensuring nothing is ever revealed.  Protect your modesty with ease.

Whilst we all look forward to summer, it can also be a season us females dread with embarrassing body situations.  Luckily there are some great fashion products available to boost our body confidence whilst allowing us to still be comfortable whilst wearing them.  If you’re comfortable, then you’ll be confident and happy.