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Choosing office furniture for productivity and health

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Whether you work from home or a workplace office, it’s important to have the correct furniture that is not just practical, but also enhances productivity and keeps your health in mind.

Here are some tips and advice to ensure you pick the right items:

Choosing office furniture for productivity and health

How to choose the right office furniture for health

A flexible desk

One thing that is on my wish list this year for my home office is a convertible desk.  These are standing desks with an adjustable height, so they can also be sat at too.  It’s no secret that sitting is the new smoking and many of us spend far too long sitting down, slumped at our computers all day.  It’s having a detrimental effect on our health which is why it is so important to choose the correct office furniture, or to upgrade yours as soon as you can. 

Choose height adjustable office desks so you can alternate through the day between sitting and standing.

Alternatively you can choose a desk to suit your home decor, such as a rustic desk,  and choose a converter platform which will sit on top of your desk transforming it into a standing desk at a fraction of the cost compared to an entire purpose built desk.

It’s even possible to get a treadmill desk or to buy an under-desk treadmill for your existing workspace.  Whilst working you can walk slowly and burn off some extra calories whilst, more importantly, keeping your body active and moving.

Ergonomic seating

When we do have to sit down, it’s vital that we are supporting our bodies in the best way possible by sitting in a correct position.  When we sit in a normal chair without ergonomic support then we are putting pressure on the bottom of our spine and creating a bad posture for ourselves.  To combat this and ensure the spine is correctly aligned then a kneeling chair should be purchased.  These clever chairs ensure the spine is balanced properly over the pelvis giving you instantly good posture when seated.  The back goes from slouching and slumped, to upright and in correct alignment.

I have upgraded my office chair to a kneeling chair and being sat correctly also enhances my focus and productivity.  I chose a posture kneeling chair which is suitable for short periods of sitting.  I like to move around the house to work, so in order to sit comfortably and correctly on other seats I also purchased a wedge cushion.

A wedge cushion is a cheaper option that can be placed on any other regular chair or also in a car seat.  A seat wedge brings the back into the correct posture and is great as it’s portable.  It can be moved from office to office and taken with you wherever you need to go.

Final word

Whilst working at a computer all day long can have negative health effects, there are lots of ways to combat this today with clever ergonomic chair designs and working spaces.  You could even get a workout whilst you work!