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5 ways to get your home autumn ready

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Autumn seems to be settling in quicker than ever this year.  We had a beautifully hot summer which started early in the spring and now autumn seems to be coming quicker than ever.

My mum is certain the seasons are changing and everything is shifting a little earlier through the year!

Though the middle of the days are still warm, the mornings are really quite nippy.  I’ve already got layers on each morning with a hoody or knit to fend off the chill.

As I look out into my garden it’s still very much alive with green, but on the school run this morning we crunched through fallen leaves of a tree that is almost bare and Bella collected conkers from the ground! 

You can’t get more autumn than that!

I feel like autumn is fast settling in and the cold weather will be here before we know it. 

Because of this, here are five ways to get your home autumn ready:

How to make your home cosy for autumn

1. Pumpkin spice

Check out the candle sections of your local stores and find new autumn scents such as pumpkin spice.  Spicy scents, blackberry scents and earthy scents are all perfect for the change in season and will give a warm and inviting atmosphere to your home.  Search Etsy for natural soy based candles that will make your home smell amazing, support an individual or small business and won’t fill your home with toxic fumes.

2. Fluffy towels in the bathroom

Even in a room with large white bathroom tiles that might feel more bright and summery, you can still create a cosy autumn ready space.  Hang a few fluffy burnt orange and red hand towels to bring warmth into the room along with a matching bathmat.  A reed diffuser with pumpkin spice scents and your bathroom is easily transformed for fall.  Choose organic cotton towels for extra softness and less damage to the environment.

3. Throws galore

Bring out the fleecy soft throws and place them in easy to grab locations or drape them over the end of the sofa.  Add them to beds and outdoor sofas so you can get snuggly wherever you are.  For a more eco-friendly choice, search ‘recycled throws’ and you’ll find plenty of well-known stores selling these using recycled fabrics such as at H&M or Not on the High Street.

4. Autumn flowers

There are plenty of flowers that bloom in the autumn, so pop to your local garden centre for advice.  To create a real sense of the season I’d choose orange, yellow and red colours.  Add a vase to your dining table and a free standing pot or hanging basket to the front door.  How about creating a beautiful autumn wreath like these for your front door?  A great tip is to sign up for a seasonal flower subscription to receive fresh flowers directly to your door, some are even letterbox friendly, each month or even more regularly.

5. Fires at the ready

Now is the time to call in the chimney sweep if you’ve not had your log burner swept since last autumn and to place a basket of chopped wood at the ready.  Check your radiators are working to ensure you are all set up and good to go when the chilly evenings really begin.  If buying wood then choose FSC approved sources to ensure the wood is responsibly sourced and replaced. 

Hopefully these tips will inspire you to create an autumn ready home that’s super cosy, smells delicious and will keep you toasty as the season sets in.