Win the whole cost of your online shop with cashback site Boom25

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Boom25 review

If you know me or read my blog then you’ll know I’m an advocate for cashback sites.  Getting cashback on purchases that you are going to make anyway is simply a no-brainer.

Those who don’t use cashback sites are simply throwing free money away!

In over two years we’ve made over £800 from cashback, but what if we could make even more?

There’s a cashback website called Boom25 and they do things a little differently.

In this blog post I am going to share with you how you can win back the full cost of your online shop with Boom25 cashback.

What is Boom25?

Boom25 is a cashback site with a difference.

If you place your online shopping orders through their referral links then you have a 1 in 25 chance of winning all your money back on your purchase!

This is in stark contrast to some other cashback sites that only offer a percentage worth a few pence on some cashback offers.

Looking today, they also have plenty of special offers which they call 'Hot Deals' with various retailers where your odds of winning are even higher, such as 1 in 8.

A major benefit also being that I can see some retailers on Boom25 that don’t offer cashback on the regular sites, so this is a great reason to get signed up today!

Here's an example of the sites available on Boom25 today.  As you can see, you could win back the spend of your online Tesco shops! 

A chance to get more than other cashback sites

If you’re sick of only receiving pence from other cashback sites and enjoy a bit of fun, at no extra cost to you, then simply shop through Boom25 links for a chance to win cashback of your full order amount.  It’s so simple and after reading some online forums of customers who have been at it for ages, I can see that they regularly win the cashback and many claim they win so much more than when using other sites.

At the time of writing this they have 871 retailers, have paid out £590,060 in winnings with the largest win being £4,225 and they have 200,260 members.  200,261 now as I’ve just signed up and can’t wait to get winning.

As a bonus for signing up, you’ll have 50p added to your account straight away!

Easy to sign up to Boom25

It’s quick, easy and free to sign up.  Then just remember to shop through their links when making your online purchases.  By clicking via their links you’ll be automatically entered with a chance of winning the full cashback amount as soon as you make your purchase.  Winnings are paid out to every 25th shopper, or more if in Hot Deals, and then if you’re a winner you’ll receive an email and cash will be sent via PayPal.  Simples.

Boom25 aims to be a less boring cashback site and add the thrill back into earning cashback for online shopping.  I certainly think they have achieved this with their exciting platform. 

They say ‘Every 25th shopper – BOOM! – free money. Sounds like fun? Imagine you just got a £1400 for a hotel stay in Paris or a £400 refund for a new smartphone! Boom25 provides the highest likelihood of earning cash back when you shop online. Why not give it a shot?’

As an added bonus you can earn £3 for each friend you refer!  You have nothing to lose, but lots of money to potentially gain. 

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