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The basics of blogging: creating a site that creates a great first impression

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It’s always important to walk before you run in this world, especially when dealing with your blog. Before worrying too much about your revenue, merchandising, and future expansions, it’s vital to get the look right.   

The harsh reality of running a modern website is that you have a handful of seconds to keep the user interested in your brand. Your blog is no different, which is why you must pay attention to the related aspects right away. Here are some helpful tips to get you on your way.

Choose a good domain

Whether you like it or not, audiences will look down on blogs that do not have their own domains. For the sake of a very small investment, getting a or a .com address is vital. Try to keep the name short and sweet too. Nobody wants to type an essay into their address bar, especially as a single typo could stop them reaching your site.  Something short, catchy and memorable is best.

And yes, I know, mine is awful!  It was never meant to be a blog in the beginning, but the business grew and evolved from what started out as a handmade card shop – hence the pretty name.  If it had been a blog from the beginning it would be more catchy and easy to spell like my other blogs: Travel Vixta, Healthy Vix and Wood Create.  Read the story of how Lylia Rose began to find out more about how Lylia Rose evolved!

Choose a good host

A website that continues to show 404 error messages will suffer. Likewise, one that has limited storage space could restrict your opportunities as a blogger.  I have my WordPress blogs hosted by WordPress and this blog is hosted by  I like to keep things simple and straightforward!  However, you can choose to go self-hosted with your blog if you are using WordPress and there are a lot of options out there.  Do your research and be aware that many people may be recommending a host because they are on their affiliate scheme, not necessarily because they are the best.  Ask bloggers and get their recommendations.  Invest in the best right away, and it’ll provide a platform for ongoing triumphs.

The basics of blogging creating a site that creates a great first impressio


Choose the right platform

As a blogger, you may be tempted to try going it alone. In truth, using WordPress is probably your best bet. There are limitations, but the best templates give you a fantastic look right away. Moreover, it’ll provide a user-friendly appearance that offers easy navigation and avoids the threat of confusion.  I use Create for this website as it was originally an ecommerce store, but I use WordPress for three other blogs and I love the functionality.  It is built for blogs.

Choose the best logo

The branding of your blogging site relies on many features, including the colour schemes and templates. However, the logo is something that will be judged right away. People Per Hour or Fiver rwill help you find a cheap designer to get this right. You’ll be amazed at how this influences the overall appearance of your website.  Plus, it’s your brand and needs to be recognisable and memorable.

Choose to go mobile

Internet trends have changed in recent times, not least in regards to how we read blogs. Over half of your potential readership are using their smartphones and tablets to access your data. Ensuring that your site looks great on the mobile screen is pivotal. This is another reason to choose WordPress or another template site.  

The basics of blogging creating a site that creates a great first impressio


Choose to go visual

While the quality of your writing will keep readers coming back for more, visual media is vital at the start. Seeing interesting images and knowing that the site includes videos will make it more attractive. Aside from appearing more professional, it shows that you have easy to digest media to support to potentially complex writing.

Choose a community vibe

Your readers are the greatest asset to your blog’s ongoing growth. Adding share buttons to posts and the homepage will have a positive impact as it can help you reach more people. While you will still need to produce the quality posts that users wish to share, the fact that you’ve made it easier for them will bring positive outcomes.

Choose a transparent approach

The blog doesn't necessarily need to include phone numbers and address info, especially if you’re not selling items. Nevertheless, an email address and an ‘about me’ section should be readily available. Without them, it can feel as though you have something to hide. Above all else, it makes it very tough for users to interact with your brand.

The basics of blogging creating a site that creates a great first impressio


Choose relevant adverts

You won’t need to worry about other forms of revenue just yet. Still, it’s likely that you might wish to place adverts on your site. Making sure that they are relevant is vital. Otherwise, it will look as though you’re in it solely for financial benefits. You can choose banners with affiliate links or you can sign up to an ad network.  Many ad networks are clever and will customise the adverts so they are relevant for the content on the page or for what your reader has been viewing elsewhere on the web.

Choose relevant sub-topics

The main blog topic is likely to cover a fairly wide spectrum. For example, a blog on fashion could cover a whole range of subjects. Therefore, you will need to create categories to let users know exactly what’s on offer. While you may be tempted to branch out in a bid to win clients, staying true to the brand is vital. The menu bars will have a major impact.    

There’s little point in churning out content or the idea of collaborations until the site looks good. With the aesthetic items under control, you can start to focus on producing great content and increasing your blog readership.

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