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Top Reasons To Install Smart Home Security

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In this blog post we’re going to take a look at some of the top reasons to install smart home security.

Smart devices for our homes are becoming more commonplace and we’re only just at the beginning of this exciting shift into more technological advances in and around our homes.  Some smart devices are purely for our own enjoyment and pleasure such as colour changing light bulbs. Others are able to save us money and keep our homes more efficient, such as smart heating devices. But perhaps one of the best types are those which keep us feeling safe and secure such as smart home security.

It’s so affordable

If you think that setting up a smart home security system sounds really expensive, then think again.  Security camera website Time2 have some really affordable smart home safety cameras starting at around £39.99 for a single indoor camera and £79.99 for a single outdoor camera.  Obviously you might need more cameras than this, but if funds are limited then you can set up at least one camera in a prominent place for less than £50.  That’s a steal!  They’re so affordable, you can add more cameras to your collection as and when you need to and by sticking to the same brand you’ll be able to connect them all to the same app.

Easy to use

Simplicity and user experience is key when it comes to modern tech and smart cameras have this nailed. Simply plug and play!  All you need is a Wi-Fi connection and power source and you’re set to go.  Download the relevant app for your smart device and you’ll have access to all the features on your smartphone.  You can control the camera from your phone and choose when to record, playback the videos and watch a livestream whenever you like.

Peace of mind

Whilst you may not be able to stop a burglar in his or her tracks whilst you are not home, or away on holiday, you can have peace of mind that you may be able to catch them in the act with indoor security cameras.  My husband always sets up our home security Wi-Fi camera whenever we go away and leaves it in an inconspicuous place within our home.  If anyone does break in whilst we are holidaying then we will have recorded some live video footage of the thief.

Deter thieves

Even better are outdoor cameras which would not only catch a thief in the act, but they could stop them in their tracks altogether.  Outdoor cameras on your property will act as a deterrent to wannabe thieves.  If they know they’re going to be caught in the act and filmed as they commit the crime, then they’d have to be really stupid to still go ahead.

Motion alerts

You’ll not need to be checking your phone every ten minutes to see what’s happening when you’re not home as these cameras really are smart by having motion detectors already installed.  The app on your phone will let you know if any motion is detected and hopefully it will just be next door’s cat and nothing to worry about!

Don’t unnecessarily record

Along with the motion detector is the ability for the cameras to only start recording when this motion is detected.  This means the cameras can stay idle whilst nothing is happening, saving energy and thus money by not running all the time.

Multiple uses

The indoor cameras are great for keeping an eye on your valuables when you are not home, but they also double up as brilliant ways to keep an eye on your little ones or baby when you are not in the room, providing even more peace of mind that they are safe playing or soundly asleep.

High definition video and sound

The quality of the video is also important and there’ll be no fuzzy hard to make out images as you may imagine with CCTV, but clear high definition video and high quality sound that you can play on your mobile wherever you are in the world.

Automatic night vision

Smart cameras also have night vision so your home is protected even when the nights are drawing in and it’s dark from late afternoon.

There really are so many benefits to installing smart home devices and cameras are some of the smartest tech that will provide you with peace of mind about what’s happening in your home, no matter where you are.  They can act as a great deterrent to protect your most valuable possessions from would-be thieves and ensure that if the worst does happen you have the proof in HD video with sound to catch those in the act.