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Make money blogging with Get Blogged (even as a new blogger)

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Today I’m going to share with you a platform that is a great way to make money from your blog when you are a new blogger.  That’s because they have opportunities for blogs that have a domain authority of just 5 and above.  It’s the first site I’ve seen that offers paid opportunities for blogs with such a low DA.  The site I am going to be reviewing and talking about in this blog post is Get Blogged.

Who are they?

Get Blogged is a platform that connects brands with bloggers.  As bloggers we can use the site to find paid opportunities, product reviews and even paid social media shout outs.

Types of collaborations available

Here are some of the types of collaboration I’ve seen on Get Blogged

  • Paid blog posts (written by the blogger)
  • Paid Facebook shout outs
  • Paid tweets
  • Paid Instagram shout outs
  • Product in exchange for review

What do they pay?

The pay is quite low, but great if you need the money, are writing about a topic anyway or if you are a new blogger needing a paid assignment for a low DA.  At the time of writing a social media shout out is paying £8 and the highest paying DA20+ assignment is paying £27.50.

6th December 2019 update! Get Blogged pay-outs are rising for bloggers!

Since writing this blog post about Get Blogged, some things have changed. They still offer paid blog opportunities and they still offer these to blogs with a domain authority as low as 5… so what’s changed?

Get Blogged are now offering much higher fees for most opportunities than a year ago when I wrote my last blog post. They also have a great referral and karma scheme where you can win cash prizes every month.

Just this week they had a DA40+ opportunity paying £300! Wow!

Payments do still vary, but they have listed opportunities recently for up to £50 for DA20+ blogs and today, as I write this, is an opportunity for DA5+ blogs for £20.

If you are looking to monetise your blog, especially a new blog, then it’s worth signing up to Get Blogged and keeping an eye on the opportunities.

Sometimes it’s possible to get your new blog up to DA5 within the first month so you can start monetising right away. My husband’s newest website reached DA7 in one month. I’ve not seen another platform offer opportunities for such a low DA.

How does Get Blogged work?

Get Blogged offer sponsored blog posts that you write yourself. They’ll give you an anchor text and link to insert in the blog post naturally. They’ll usually give you a suggestion for the theme of the post too, but you can also pitch your own ideas when applying for the opportunities if you have a great idea that is relevant.

Once you’ve applied for a sponsored blog post they will email you with a copy of your pitch email. Just keep this in an email folder called Get Blogged so you can reference it to remind yourself of your pitch or blog post idea if accepted. Sometimes you might apply for an opportunity well in advance of the deadline, so it’s easy to forget your amazing blog post ideas when you’re busy.

Once you have been accepted for an assignment and have completed it, simply login to the platform to submit the URL of your completed blog post and any social shares that are required. Not all of them require social shares, but read the pitch thoroughly to see.

They are usually very quick at accepting assignments, sometimes the same day or the next day. Payment is also made very quickly to your PayPal account.

To find opportunities you can login and check the current listings. You don’t always have to check their website each day as they will email you reminders to check new opportunities and they also have a Facebook group which you can turn notifications on. This way you’ll never miss any paid blog opportunities.

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How often do they have paid work?

I’m pretty sure they have paid work all the time.  I am sent emails every week alerting me to opportunities and whilst they may not always have paid work for each domain filter, there is usually something on there for at least one of the domain authorities.  For example, there is nothing on there currently for DA5+, but loads of opportunities under DA10+.

Whilst Get Blogged may not be for everyone, especially established high DA bloggers, as they offer quite low paying blog posts, I still think it’s worth signing up to as many platforms as possible and getting your name out there.  You never know when you have a quiet month and could do with the work.  Plus, it's up to you what you charge for your blog and time, some charge more, some charge less.  For new bloggers it’s really a great platform to find lots of paid work when your DA is 10+ and they even have a category for DA5+ so it’s worth keeping an eye on this when you are a very new blogger and are looking for opportunities.

Sometimes they have different collaborations that pay a little more than their usual rates too, so you need to be signed up to hear about these.

You can sign up here:


Want more paid blog posts?

Click for a huge list of websites to find paid blogging opportunities that’s regularly updated!




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