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List of websites to find paid blogging opportunities for your UK blog in 2020

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List of websites to find sponsored blog posts

Where to find paid blogging jobs

If you’re looking for some of the best blogging platforms for making money from your blog then read on. 

In this blog post I will share lots of websites that offer paid blogging jobs in 2020 and beyond.  These are online networks, dashboards and websites that offer paid blogging opportunities on your UK website such as sponsoredblog posts and product reviews.

Blogging is an amazing way to make money from home.  You can pretty much get paid to blog about anything, no matter where your interests lie!  Simply start a blog and fill it with great content about whatever topics you are passionate about, even if they are super niche.

Concentrate on building up your metrics such as domain authority and then you can start applying for paid blogging opportunities.  Some of the sites below let you apply from as little as a domain authority (DA) of 5.

I started this list in 2019 and will continue adding to it and updating in 2020 and beyond as I learn about more platforms to join.

Sign up to these blogger platforms for paid blogging assignments

I am in the UK so I know most of the sponsored blog post opportunity websites below are suitable for UK bloggers, but many of these are based abroad or open to bloggers globally.

I have had work from some of these platforms, but not all.  Sometimes it can take a few months to get something and I guess it all depends on your niche, your metrics, your pricing and so on.

Many of these platforms also offer events, giveaways and reviews without payment, but they do regularly have paid opportunities.  I'll share review only platforms at the end of this blog post.

I am still recommending the ones I haven’t yet had paid work from yet as I think it’s good as a blogger (who blogs for income) to be signed up to as many platforms as possible.  This increases your chances of finding paid blog opportunities and being noticed.

There’s one site I’ve been signed up to for ages and I never thought I’d get a blog post from it, but I just had a 170 euro blog post from them, so it’s absolutely worth signing up to as many as possible.

I’ll also update it regularly as I find more blog networks to sign up to.  Feel free to drop me an email if you know of any too.

*Some of these links are affiliate links or refer-a-friend links and some are normal*


  • Ace Media

make money blogging ace media

Create a free pitch pack to send to brands, but also browse their own opportunities and receive them directly to your email inbox.

Sign up here:



  • Adsy

make money blogging with adsy


I've just signed up to this one in November 2019 and it looks like there are lists of paid opportunities, but also open offers that you can bid on.  You can add more than one blog and set your own prices.

Sign up here:



  • Ahalogy

Ahalogy make money blogging

These are based in the US, but say they have a growing clientele outside of the US.

Sign up here:



  • Awin Marketplace

List of websites to find paid blogging opportunities for your blog - AWIN

Most people know Awin as an affiliate platform, but they also have a marketplace where you can list all your blogging and social media services.  I’ve managed to get around three paid blog posts in the past year from this and a few enquiries.
It costs £5 to sign up to Awin which is released in your first pay out.

Sign up here:

Learn more here:
5 reasons to use Awin as a blogger
What is Awin?



  • BIGinfluencers

BIGinfluencers get paid to blog

I've literally just been approached and signed up to this one today.  It may be more for social media influencers, even though their home page mentions bloggers too.

Sign up here:



  • BlogDash

List of websites to find paid blogging opportunities for your blog - blogda

I’ve been offered a few opportunities on this platform, but I haven’t accepted any of them yet as they weren’t the right fit for me.

Sign up here:



  • Bloggers Required

List of websites to find paid blogging opportunities for your blog - blogge

This is the first blogging jobs platform I ever discovered when I wanted to make money from my blog and also do reviews.  They always have a variety of opportunities for bloggers worldwide from giveaways to reviews to sponsored blog posts.

Sign up here:

Learn more here:
Make money blogging with Bloggers Required



  • Brandbacker

brandbacker get paid to blog

This one is in the USA, but they accept global applicants.  My profile states I'm in the UK.  I've only seen US opportunities so far though.

Sign up here:



  • Britmums Professional

List of websites to find paid blogging opportunities for your blog - britmu

These often have some fairly high paying opportunities and, as the name suggests, they relevant for parents in the UK!

Sign up here:



  • Conexoo

make money blogging with connexoo

These guys reached out to me and asked me to sign up to their platform the day I type this.  Add your websites for sponsored blog posts and links.

Sign up here:



  • Considerable Influence

List of websites to find paid blogging opportunities for your blog - consid

I’ve had a few opportunities from this platform, mainly to do restaurant reviews and with payment too.  They rarely have new opportunities, but the few I’ve done have been worth it - food and money in exchange for my honest review!

Sign up here:

Learn more here:
Make money blogging with Considerable Influence



  • Coobis

make money blogging with coobis


I've had a paid opportunity from Coobis.  There is a little hassle to get paid.  You have to upload your passport and also a Certificate of Residence.  I had to find the form to complete on the HMRC website, wait for it to arrive and then upload it to the Coobis platform, otherwise Coobis will keep a large percentage of your fee!

Sign up here:



  • Cooperatize

Cooperatize make money blogging content creation

I've got an account with these, but I've not had any opportunities yet.  They're based in the US so perhaps most of the opportunities are there, but they accept global bloggers and my profile shares that I'm in the UK.  It seems they pay per view on your sponsored blog post.

Sign up here:



  • CopyPress 

Make money blogging with CopyPress

I've not had any paid work from them yet, but another blogger I know says they've had some well paid sponsored posts.  You need to sign up as a 'contractor'.

Sign up here:



  • Dealspotr

List of websites to find paid blogging opportunities for your blog - dealsp

I’ve not done any of the opportunities on this platform yet, but there are always loads.  They have never offered me high enough fees, but I’ve actually just updated my social links and verified my website so I hope the fee they offer me will now increase.

Sign up here:



  • Encatena

List of websites to find paid blogging opportunities for your blog - encate

I’ve not worked with this platform yet, but I have signed up.  I found it fairly recently, so no idea how good it is for paid opportunities.

Sign up here:

Learn more here:
Make money blogging with Encatena



  • Flyout

make money sponsored blog posts flyout


A new one to me in 2020.  Someone reached out and asked if I wanted to join.  You can list your blog for sponsored blog posts and set your own price.

Sign up here:



  • Frag Marketing

make money blogging with frag marketing

Sign up to the Frag Marketing newsletter to get blog opportunities via email.

Sign up here:



  • Get Blogged

List of websites to find paid blogging opportunities for your blog - get bl

This site usually has a lot of paid opportunities available at any one time.  Sometimes they are even for blogs from a DA of 5 or 10, so it’s great for newer sites with lower domain authorities.

Sign up here:

Learn more here:
Make money blogging with Get Blogged



  • Growwer

Make money blogging with Growwer

I've just signed up in March 2020.  A place to list your blogs and prices for sponsored blog posts.

Sign up here:



  • Guest Bloggers Wanted

Make money blogging with guest bloggers wanted

I have worked on a few paid collaborations with this platform.  Towards the end of 2019 they stopped posting sponsored blog post opportunities, but they plan on starting them up again in 2020 with a focus on parenting and lifestyle bloggers.

Sign up here: 



  • Influencer - List of websites to find paid blogging opportunities for y

I’ve not worked with these yet, but I have a profile and they send regular emails with their current opportunities.  I haven’t seen any suited to me yet, but there’s usually a lot of fashion and beauty related collaborations.

Sign up here:



  • Intellifluence

Make money blogging with Intellifluence

This is a new one to me that I've just signed up to at the end of 2019.  I've had my first paid work in June 2020.

Sign up here:



  • Mention Me 

make money blogging with mention me

Sign up here:



  • Nace

Nace make money from your blog influence

This is a global talent directory where all sorts of creatives, including bloggers, can have a profile to be found by 'hunters'.

Sign up here:




make money blogging with

These guys only pay $1 per DA so their prices are too low for me, but maybe you really need the money... :)

Sign up here:



  • Payu2blog

make money blogging with payu2blog

This site says US and Canada bloggers, but I found them on a Facebook group searching for international bloggers for a campaign, so may be worth signing up even if you're not in these countries.

Sign up here:




  • Press Loft

List of websites to find paid blogging opportunities for your blog - press

They have an image library with high-res images of gifts and homeware from brands that you can use to feature in relevant blog posts with credit.  But, they also have a ‘collaboration’ tab where many of the brands they feature request blog reviews or social shares of their products in exchange for the product itself or compensation. 

Sign up here:

Learn more here:
Make money blogging with Press Loft



  • Publisuites

publisuites List of websites to find paid blogging opportunities for your b

You can link your blogs, Twitter and Instagram to Publisuites for paid opportunities.  They’ll contact you when a client is interested in your blog or socials and you can accept or decline.  It’s all in Euros.  I’ve worked with them and had my pay-outs no problem.

Sign up here:

Learn more here:
Make money blogging with Publisuites 



  • Soar

make money blogging with soar

I've just signed up to this at the end of 2019, so not sure what it's all about just yet.

Sign up here:



  • Socialpubli

make money blogging with socialpubli

Add your socials and your blog to this one. 

Sign up here:


  • Strategic Lead Agency

Strategic Lead Agency partner with bloggers and influencers on gifted and paid campaigns.

Here is a link to their influencer sign-up form.

Sign up here:



  • The Blogger Programme

the blogger programme tbp

This platform has a lot of opportunities listed for socials and for blogs.  If you like reviewing items, especially on social, then it’s probably great for you!

Sign up here:



  • Valued Voice

valued voice paid blog jobs

Sign up and search their jobs section for blogging opportunities.  I had my first paid work in June 2020 after being signed up a fair while.

Sign up here:



  • VetterView

make money blogging with vetterview

A marketplace where you can add listings of your blog and social media services.

Sign up here:



  • Whitepress

Make money blogging with

I've just signed up in March 2020 and added my blogs to this platform for sponsored blog post opportunities.

Sign up here:



  • Zine

zine make money blogging

There are lots of brands listed on Zine from all different countries looking for social influencers and bloggers.

Sign up here:


Sign up to these blogger platforms for reviews, gifted items + more

There are some platforms that offer reviews only without payment and other types of collaborations.  Many of the above platforms offer reviews too, but they also offer paid assignments.

The platforms below do not offer paid assignments, as far as I am aware, but they do offer product reviews and other collaborations.

blogger platforms for reviews


  • Colab

Find blog collaborations with Colab

Sign up for their newsletter which shares blogger collaborations.  I'm not sure if any are ever paid.

Sign up here:



  • Creative Impact Group

Creative impact

Sign up here:



  • Review Directory

find review items blog blogging uk

Sign up here:



  • The Insiders

the insiders blog review opportunities jobs

Sign up here:



Hopefully you will be able to find lots of suitable opportunities from the above websites I have shared. 

As soon as I have more I will update this blog post.  Bookmark this page and check back soon as I'm always adding more or removing those I find out no longer exist.

Find lots more helpful tips to make money blogging and ways to make money online on my blog!


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