Make money blogging with Considerable Influence

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Make money blogging with Considerable Influence

There are so many platforms out there to help you monetize your blog content and to work on some amazing brand collaborations.  Today I am going to share with you a platform I have used several times.  Read on to discover how you can make money blogging with Considerable Influence.

make money blog opportunities with considerable influence

How much success have I had with Considerable Influence?

I’ve been a member of Considerable Influence for two years, since the end of 2016.  I can see that I have applied for nine campaigns in total and been accepted on five of those for which I completed work and was paid.

Three of the campaigns I have taken part in have been reviewing restaurants, meals and online booking services for these.  This has meant trying a new menu, new restaurant and getting reimbursed and paid for the privilege.

The other two campaigns were collaborative blog posts for which I wrote about a specific brand or a relevant topic.

How often do they post campaigns?

There aren’t too many new campaigns posted regularly on Considerable Influence, but it’s definitely worth signing up for.  I’ve always had a great experience working with the platform and super-fast payment each time.  Although there aren’t often new campaigns posted, there are always usually some active campaigns.

There have been more campaigns on the platform that I haven’t applied for as they simply aren’t relevant to me, my lifestyle or my location.  There have been several with London themes, so if you are in or near to London then you may suit more of the collaborations than I do.

As I type this there are 11 active campaigns that you can apply for if they are suitable for you.

make money blogging with considerable influence

How do I find out about new campaigns?

Considerable Influence always send out an email as soon as there is a new campaign, so you don’t need to worry about constantly checking the platform.  Simply pop over and apply as soon as you receive an email.

How do I communicate with the brands?

You correspond directly with the brands through the websites internal messaging service, but again they will email you if you have a message so you don’t have to worry about missing anything or having to constantly log in.

You submit the links to any completed work on the platform to be reviewed by the brand

How do I get paid?

You simply add your PayPal email to your account details and you’ll be paid via the brand straight to your PayPal account once any completed work is approved.  This has always been very quick, as in a couple of days, in my experience.

Sounds great, how do I sign up?

You can sign up for Considerable Influence here:

The platform is really easy to use and very minimal.  Simply set up an account, set up your profile and search the campaigns.  It’s straightforward and exactly as it needs to be.


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 Make money blogging with Considerable Influence