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Why Making Your Home Greener is Better for Your Wallet and the Environment

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Going green and being environmentally friendly isn’t just in vogue right now, it’s the right thing to do. While we all love nature and would like to take care of our planet the best we can, it doesn’t really seem like everyone knows how to do it. People might talk a big game, but you’ll hardly find more than one trash bin in their homes - and you will certainly not find a compost garden outside in their yard.  Being greener is more than just talking about it and acknowledging there's a problem.  It's about putting those words into action too!

Improving your lifestyle and leading a more environmentally friendly life is actually so simple to do and even a bit fun when you get into the rhythm of it.

Here is a couple of tips to get you started right away so that you can pass the message on to the rest of your friends and family, perhaps even your neighbourhood.  it doesn't need to be complicated.  Just a couple of small changes will get you on your way.

Why making your home greener is better for your wallet and the environment

First: Cut down on your energy and water usage

Going green at home is about a few simple rules; you should decrease your energy and water usage, eat locally grown produce, and wave goodbye to plastic once and for all. This is definitely quite easy and will even make sure that you eat healthier on a daily basis - so why not get started as soon as possible?

By cutting down on both your home’s energy usage and water usage, you will also be able to save a ton of money. Make small lifestyle changes such as changing your bulbs to LED, always turning off the water when brushing and shaving, and cutting down on your showers to just five minutes instead of fifteen.

Use a smart thermometer such as Hive that you can manage from your phone.  That way you can turn your heating off remotely when you're not going to be home until late.

Consider solar panels as an investment to make money by selling energy you don't use back to the grid, but also as a way to reduce your energy bills and usage as you can use solar power instead. 

Alternatively you should at least look into moving to a renewable energy supplier.  Check out my Octopus referral code for £50 credit if you choose them!

There are so many ways to reduce your energy usage or to use a more sustainable source.  Here are some more tips: Easy ways to boost your energy efficiency!

Next: Find locally grown produce or grow your own

Buying food that has been grown in your area and that is in season will be one of the most delicious choices you make. Simply hit your local farmer’s market and you will be able to find a ton of beautifully grown vegetables that haven’t travelled further than a few miles.  You could even order an organic vegetable box to be delivered to your home each week.

Another great idea is, of course, to grow your own vegetables. They will be so much bigger than the ones you find in the grocery shops as yours will have the time to grow and mature; not like those that the commercial farmers grow as they cut them down as soon as possible to sell them a bit quicker.  Plus you know exactly how yours have grown and what you've put on them!  Oh, and larger vegetables tend to last much longer than the smaller ones so you can avoid the tricks of the grocery shops as well.

All you need now is a decent compost garden to dispose of your food waste later on.  These are easy to start and mean you'll save money on buying compost for your vegetable patch as you'll create your own from your own scraps at no extra cost to you!

Finally: Recycle, reuse, reduce!

I'm sure you've all heard of this, but it's really important!  We need to stop throwing so much rubbish into landfill.  We need to reduce our plastic usage, especially single use.  make sure you recycle everything that you can and aim for zero-waste in the landfill or very reduced!  Reuse or donate what you can.  Don't just throw everything that is unwanted into the bin. It's probably of use to someone!  Even unwanted and ruined clothes can go to the rag trade via your local charity shop!

If you run your own business then you should have a look for an environmentally responsible rubbish removal company to cover yourself from all sides and make sure you are disposing of everything responsibly.  The great thing about choosing companies that are clear about their commitment to the environment is that you’re sending a message to the other companies as well. If they don’t change their ways, we won’t buy their stuff - and, that way, they’ll kind of be forced to change and improve.

Final say

There are so many ways we can start making a difference.  It's never too late to start and to start making a difference.