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Is the gym or a home work out the right choice for you to get fit?

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Working out is a matter of personal preference. Some people like to run outdoors, others thrive in the gym and others wouldn’t want to set foot anywhere near one! One of the main factors in establishing a successful fitness routine is to find an activity you enjoy, but which should you choose?

I’ve always liked a mixture of all three!  Before kids I used to go running on the streets with a friend each week, but I was also a member of a gym which I used in bad weather or if I was on my own.  When having kids money was tight for a few years so I worked out at home or Ben and I went running in a local park, taking it in turns to watch the kids. 

Now money is better as we are both working full-time again, we have been members of a gym for the past 18 months and I go almost every day.  I used to do a lot of their classes, but at the moment I love running on the treadmill and stair climbing.  I alternate each gym session and also do some weights as I’m trying to prevent getting bingo wings!  I feel more comfortable going to a gym by myself, but would prefer to run outdoors with a companion.

Take a look at the benefits of working out in the gym versus working out at home to help you decide which one is the right choice for you to get fit.

Is the gym or a home work out the right choice for you to get fit

Why work out in a gym?

First, let's start with the reasons a gym could be the right choice for you.

All the equipment you could need

A gym offers a wide range of exercise equipment from cardio machines to weights, allowing you to enjoy a varied workout. Gyms can help you work out different areas of your body and can easily help you keep you mix up your workout. Modern gyms have equipment that boasts several extras too, such as fans or on-screen entertainment to stop your workout from getting boring.

Feel motivated by others around you

Staying motivated to exercise can be difficult, but going to the gym can be a good way to find motivation. While you’re there, it’s difficult not to do anything else, while seeing other people working hard can also help you to stay strong and carry on.

Get expert help and advice

At the gym, you’ve got expert help on tap to help you reach your goals and exercise safely. Having personal trainers based in the gym can give you the professional advice necessary to help you achieve any weight loss or fitness ambitions you might have.

Why work out at home?

And now we'll explore why working out at home has its benefits too.

It’s free

One of the biggest benefits of working out at home is that it makes working out affordable. From designing your own body weight working to following videos on YouTube, you can easily find ways to help you stay fit without spending a penny.

It’s convenient

When you’re short of time, fitting in a session at the gym can seem impossible. However, when you work at home, you’re already where you need to be to exercise. You can easily fit in a 20-minute HIIT before work, or you can multitask and exercise while watching TV.

Design your own targeted workout

There are all sorts of ways you can tone your body through exercises, and many of them can be done using nothing more than your own body weight. Working out at home will give you the option of designing your own targeted workout to help you reach your goals.

Final thoughts

Whether you choose to join a gym or finding out what working out at home can do for you, the main thing is that you’re taking charge of your health by getting fit. With so many ways to exercise, it’s worth trying everything to help you work out what’s effective and what you enjoy. Getting started is the hard part, so find something you love doing to help make it that little bit easier to fit exercise into your life.