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Three security measures to save your business money

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Security is vital – whether it relates to data or people.   It is also vital no matter what size of business you own whether you are a small business owner, a large corporation or operate as an individual from a home office.  It’s important to ensure you have security measures in place to protect your business equipment, data and money.

Grant access to the wrong person, and your company could suffer. Equally, events like the WannaCry incident of 2018 highlight the danger of cyber-attacks for organisations.  Nowadays it’s not just people in person we need to be wary of, but also faceless people behind their computer screens who can access our information without ever having met us!

Luckily, your business, whatever its size, can take simple measures to avoid either risk. Through the right methods, you can even save money.

In this blog post I’ll explore how your business could stay safe and limit spending.

1.   Keep door access limited

How many people can enter your work space? Does every team member have a key? If you want to avoid the risk of break-in, you may want to limit door access.

Fewer key holders could reduce this likelihood. So, why not give entry devices to just long-standing, trusted staff members? You can assign a person to open the door for employees that don’t own keys. That way, they won’t be forced to wait outside for a long time.

Better still, upgrade to a coded door lock, and you could maximise office or site security. Innovators like Rated People can provide this benefit for a range of businesses.

Keep access limited, and you won’t have to pay for key production whenever someone new joins the team. Instead, you can save money – and then reinvest it in your company.

Just remember to change the code whenever someone leaves the company to ensure they no longer have access.

2.   Install anti-virus software

A virus can have harmful consequences – especially for a business. After having penetrated a system, it usually multiplies by inserting its code. It then has the power to damage the device entirely.

If you haven’t already, why don’t you invest in anti-virus software? If you do, you can identify and destroy risks before they develop.

Once the software is installed, you needn’t worry about cyber-attacks again. It will deal with the issue for you. To ensure its continued efficiency, remember to install regular updates.

Cyber-intrusions can enable criminals to access your – and potentially your clients’ – data and financial records.

This could harm customers’ trust in your brand, which could result in fewer outside investments in the future.

But with anti-virus software, you can prevent this from happening to your company. And so, you could enhance its financial security – for now and later on.

3.   Destroy data effectively

GDPR laws stipulate that data must be destroyed at the discretion of the company that owns it. In some cases – such as with employee records – information has to be kept for up to seven years.   

If your business sells goods then you may not be able to delete transactional information as it may be required for tax purposes.  There may be other instances in which you need to keep your data to abide by the law. 

Some types of data, however, can be deleted immediately. This is particularly important for maintaining client safety. 

Dispose of any sensitive information as soon as you can, and you could prevent anyone else from gaining access to it. To guarantee successful deletion, wipe the drive of information completely – and don’t forget to do this with your USB devices, too.

In doing this, you could further prevent the risk of criminal access to financial and personal details. In turn, you can avoid losing either money or client trust. And this will enable you to continue growing your overall company value.

Final word

Business safety needn’t be hard to achieve. Once you know how, you can easily do this. Through these straightforward methods, you’ll be able to heighten protection for you, your employees, your clients and your organisation. What’s more, you could save money and gain better financial protection in the process.