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Why you should never stop learning

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At some stage or other, I bet all of us would have found school a struggle or boring and wished we didn’t have to go!  Even though we may not have realised it at the time, learning is one of the most important things we can do.  But just because we’re no longer sitting in a classroom, this doesn’t mean we can’t continue to learn.  In fact, I believe it’s vital to continue learning all the time (no matter whether you work for yourself, are studying or are increasing knowledge for your existing career) and this is made even easier now we have the internet at our fingertips.

E-learning has become hugely popular and there are thousands of online courses to choose from. However, if you prefer a more structured way of learning, you also have the option of attending training courses. For instance, Impact Factory offers a variety of courses which can positively impact on your professional and personal life.

If you’ve been thinking of upping your knowledge but aren’t yet convinced it’s right for you, here a just a few of the benefits that you get from learning:

Shows you’re ambitious

Workplaces are changing and in order to thrive in a competitive environment, you need to be able to stand out from your colleagues. Through choosing to build up your knowledge you are showing your employers that you’re ambitious and that you are serious about progress in your career with the firm. This can be useful when it comes to applying for a promotion or asking for a pay-rise. Plus, if the course is directly related to your job you may be able to get the company to pay for it.

Helps to make new friends

If you spend a lot of your time at work, you may forget to focus on yourself, which can leave you feeling isolated.  If you work alone at home then you will definitely know this feeling!  Learning a new skill or hobby gives you the opportunity to get out and meet people from different walks of life. You never know, this may even lead you to form new friendships.

Can lead to a new career

If you’ve been thinking of changing your career but aren’t sure what to do, doing different courses can help you identify areas that you’re interested in and also good at. Plus, when you’ve decided what you want to do, you can continue to learn whilst you’re still working. Once the time is right to switch careers, you’ll be fully prepared to do it which only goes to increase your chances of making a success of it.

Makes you happy

Even if attending school didn’t make you feel happy, research has shown that continued learning does, in fact, make us feel happy. Studies have shown that the more difficult the challenge we set ourselves, the happier we feel in accomplishing it. This isn’t just related to work challenges; we get the same feeling when it comes to personal challenges, like learning a new hobby or sport. So, if you’ve been feeling down recently, sign yourself up to learn something new.

Positively impacts well-being

Studies have shown that individuals who continue to learn throughout their adult life are positively impacting on their wellbeing. This is because learning improves optimism and positive feelings, which can reduce stress. In addition to this, learning keeps the brain sharp which can help to prevent diseases such as dementia.

Final word

By taking a positive approach to your learning, you’ll not only benefit at work, but it could also improve your overall health and mental wellbeing.