June 2019 family highlights and photos

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Yikes, I normally post my monthly roundups on the first of the month or not long after, but we are already over half way through July!  I always debate whether to continue with these roundups on this blog, but I really do love to have a look at what we’ve been up to and the difference over the years as the children grow.

It’s also nice for my readers, I hope, to see a bit of the real me and what my normal family life involves when I’m not busy writing blog posts to help you make and save more money!

Since the end of 2018 this blog has had a money focus, which was already a huge part of this blog.  I love sharing how I make money online, tips to save more money and tips for blogging.  I also love healthy living and eco-friendliness so this is a regular feature throughout this blog.  My other blogs at Healthy Vix and Travel Vixta cover all things healthy and our travelling - both my strongest passions after blogging!

June 2019 family highlights and photos

Introduction to my monthly family roundups

Welcome to my UK family lifestyle roundup.  It's a monthly roundup where you get an insight into the person behind this blog and what my little family and I have been up to for a whole month.  It's also a place for me to document our lives each month and save them in this category so we can look back through them and remember what we've done!

If you follow me on Instagram then you’re probably up to date!  But here is a more in-depth blog post of things we’ve been up to, some more photos and family happenings.

We're a family of four - Victoria 33, Ben 35, Bella 7 and Reuben 4 in Gloucestershire, UK.

kids playing in rain in wetsuits rain suits

June 2019 mont­­hly family roundup

This blog post takes a look at some of our family highlights for June 2019 in detail along with some photos.

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June 2019 family highlights and photos

June 2019 family highlights and photos

June 2019 family highlights and photos

June 2019 family highlights and photos

Circus Funtasia Review

We were very kindly invited to Circus Funtasia as a family and timed it perfectly as we went on Father’s Day!  It was absolutely incredible!

I’d never heard of Circus Funtasia before and I’m so glad we’ve been introduced to it.  We’ll definitely return next time it is close to us.  I hope they return to Gloucestershire next year.

Bella was absolutely mesmerised by the whole performance.  Reuben found it all a bit too loud so we must remember ear defenders next time!  He was in hysterics at one of the comedy acts though!

Click to read my full Circus Funtasia Review and see lots of amazing photos of the performers on my travel blog.

boho inspired living room decor

A peek at our living room in June!  New rug from Homesense!

my fairy garden tomato plant

Bella is growing a huge tomato plant and a fairy garden!

The countdown is on

Ben continued to work through his 12 weeks’ notice (!) at his employed job.  It’s such a long time and for the end of it he’s barely had anything to do, so it seems pointless in him working there when he could be cracking on with his business ventures!

He’s continued to work most evenings and weekends as it’s the only time available to do his self-employed businesses.  He has two businesses and he will be going full-time with both from August.  Exciting and scary times!

He will be a handyman and also making bespoke reclaimed, retro and industrial furniture.

spiderman builder

Wychwood festival

At the start of the month, which was the end of the May half term, we went to Wychwood family festival in Cheltenham.  We had a nice time, but I don’t think we’ll go again any time soon.  It’s definitely a different experience going with kids in the day to a festival and not staying to see music at night.  I’d like to go to a festival again with the kids, but for how much they cost we need to make sure it has music to our taste in the daytime so we get the most out of the experience.

You can read my full review and see lots of photos at Cheltenham Wychwood Festival review

June 2019 family highlights and photos

Bella turns seven!

The biggest highlight of the month had to be Bella turning seven years old!  Wow!  We were at Wychwood festival for her birthday and then she had two school friends come for an after school pizza dinner and playdate later in the week.

patio picnic

home grown broad beans

Bella plays tennis

Bella was able to do a four week mini tennis course after school which she loved!  I got to see her in action at the last session and she could really whack that ball over the net!  In reception and for half of year one she did street dance, but then stopped.  Since then she’s just had her swimming.  In year two she wants to do more clubs so she’ll be starting street dance again and also gymnastics.  I really hope she enjoys them and sticks at them!

vegan cheesecake vinnies eatery

Vegan cheesecake at Vinnie's!

A meal out at Vinnie’s

I enjoyed a meal out with a friend at Vinnie’s Eatery in Cheltenham.  It’s a delicious plant-based restaurant that uses the best freshest ingredients and makes everything from scratch.  They also don’t use refined sugar as far as I’m aware.  They do have some veggie options on the menu now which is a shame, but I guess they wanted to appeal to a broader audience.  Originally they were 100% vegan.  It’s always a real treat when I go there as it’s rare I get a meal out with a friend or Ben.  Ben and I really need to start having some regular date nights and getting a babysitter!  Only about seven more years and then Bella can babysit!

Aside from the above we have mostly been playing at home at the weekends.  Ben has been working every chance he can get so I’ve just been at home with the kids, going out on their bikes locally or taking them to the park.  It’s going to be like that for a while until Ben finishes work and can do his businesses week days instead.

That’s pretty much all the highlights of June.  Pop back to my Monthly Family Roundups next month to see what we get up to in June!


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June 2019 family highlights and photos

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