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Is it possible to earn a fortune from a website? Absolutely!

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When we picture ourselves making lots and lots of money, we envision ourselves doing a wide range of extravagant things. The first thing that pops into our minds is the idea of becoming a famous performer, sports star, or online influencer. Usually, wealth and fortune are matched with fame and/or infamy. Another way we see ourselves become well-off is by starting up a business and become a complete success – spearheading a company that turns over millions.

While nothing is impossible, these instances are unlikely to transpire – for now, anyway. Those kinds of things take a lot of time, effort and a sometimes a bit of luck. But is there a way you can build up a decent income from home though?


You’ve probably guessed already due to the title, but building and maintaining a decent website can turn you into a fairly affluent human being.  You can certainly make a decent living online now from a website and some people even go on to make hundreds of thousands or even millions per year from their websites!

So how do they do it?

Is it possible to earn a fortune from a website Absolutely!

First things first 

If you know how to build a website and how to get things moving, then good for you. You may not need this step. But for those who are completely oblivious to how this stuff works, you’ll need to do a little learning. Don’t worry; it’s not that hard.  There are lots of guides for free online and also many websites have templates so you don’t need to know how to code or anything like that.  Setting up a website is really quick and straightforward nowadays, even for those of us with no technical knowledge.

If you need help creating a website, then you can also get in touch with companies and web designers that can offer you cheap website design – these guys and girls do this kind of thing every day, so they’ll know exactly what to do. You also need to choose a domain name and then get it all onto a server - again this can all be really straightforward and handled by the company who you choose to host your website.

I use Create for this website and WordPress for my other two websites and also WordPress for my husband’s two websites.  It’s really easy to set up.

Once it’s all up and running, that’s when the real fun and the real work can start. A website needs to have content on it, otherwise it’s just a bland page with zero interesting info and a low SEO rating.

So now it’s time to get to work and fill your website with content before you think about making money.

Affiliate schemes

Here’s where the first bit of money can come in. It’s a little thing called ‘affiliate marketing’. Simply put, it’s the practice of promoting a product and providing a link to said product. If someone likes what they read, clicks the link, and buys something, then you get a share of the profit. If you do this enough and you get a lot of people reading, you could net some serious commission. A bunch of active work could lead to almost endless passive income. 

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To begin with, you’ll want to sign up to an ad network like Google Ads. Once you get this little thing sorted, you can be paid after someone simply clicks onto your website. Google pays you a tiny amount of money per click, but if you rise in popularity, then that number will grow exponentially. It’s another marvellous way of secure that passive income.  Once you have a good readership such as over 20,000 unique readers per month then you can sign up to more lucrative ad networks, such as Mediavine who pay a much higher ad commission.  This is why getting good quality content and working on SEO is so important if your aim is to make money from affiliate marketing and ads.  You need the website readers to make money from these methods.

Sell things

Good old fashioned supply and demand. If your website gets a lot of hits and you’ve built a loyal following, then people might be super interested in anything you have to sell. That’s how this stuff works. You might elect to sell T-shirts, hoodies, belts, badges – it’s up to you.  You could even sell digital products or online courses if you have something valuable to offer your readers that they are willing to pay for.  A lot of bloggers and website owners often sell eBooks in their field of expertise.

Final word

The above ways are suitable for all sorts of website owners to make money, not just bloggers.  But if you are interested in making money from blogging then here are 10 ways to make money blogging which is specifically aimed at blogging websites.