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Save money with my Airbnb refer a friend discount code: up to £34 off your booking

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Airbnb is fast becoming my favourite place to book accommodation when travelling.  I had signed up to the platform back in 2016 when we used it to book a romantic yurt for a night away without the kids.  Then, guilty, I sort of forgot about the platform and reverted to more traditional online methods of booking hotels and trips away.

Big mistake.

I’ve probably wasted a ton of money by doing that as there are literally 1.9 million places to book on Airbnb (source) and most of them are much cheaper than the big hotels.

Just recently we visited Bruges and were looking for a hotel for two nights.  It was all quite last minute.  We were looking less than two weeks before travelling.  Prices were coming back at around £300 per night in hotels in the city centre!

We were on a budget and I decided to look on Airbnb to compare and we found a split level apartment all to ourselves for just £60 per night, less than half hour’s drive from the city centre!


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Personally I’d much rather an entire place to ourselves with actual beds for everyone.  Sometimes the kids just get a really uncomfortable fold out creaky sofa bed when we share a hotel room.  And there’s often no room to swing a cat once all four of us are squished in a hotel room with the sofa folded out!

The place was great and we were in contact with the host before arriving and whilst there.  It feels like a much more connected and personalised experience than many hotels.  The host is keen for good feedback as it can make or break their personal business venture, so they are super friendly in my experience.  Not like a big hotel chain who might not care as much about a few bad reviews.

As we had such a good experience booking via Airbnb I checked it again for a trip we have planned to visit Ben’s brother in Portugal next year.  Amazingly we have found accommodation for £28 per night in Portugal and it looks just fine.  It’s basic, but still has three bedrooms, a living room, reliable WiFi and great reviews.  We still get much more than trying to squish into one hotel room which would likely be three or four times this price per night, if not more.

It’s less than half the price of other Airbnb properties in the area so we were very lucky it was available to book for the dates we needed.  The rest of the month was already booked up!

Like I said, it’s fast becoming my favourite place to look for accommodation.  I like the privacy of having our own place, plus we get more space than a single hotel room and for a cheaper price.  Of course there are also more luxurious and costly properties on the platform, so you can find whatever suits you.

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Final word 

I hope you love the platform as much as I do.  Get ready to find some really unique, luxurious or incredibly priced accommodation depending on your budget and needs!

Airbnb has really opened up so many options for affordable travelling.