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Why autumn is the ideal time to get round to your next office move

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It's always exciting when you're preparing to move your company to a new area. With a new city or building come ample opportunities to spread your brand's presence and gain more customers. However, you may want to consider moving when it comes to autumn instead of any of other seasons. Here is exactly why.

Autumn = steady work period

When you think about summer, you think about the summer holidays and relaxation. Basically, you think about anything other than work. Not only will you be thinking about this but your employees will certainly be thinking about it as well. They don't want to be cooped up in an office. Instead, they're going to be figuring out how they can balance their summer holidays and parental commitments alongside their workloads. They won't want a move on top of that.

September - November presents an optimum time for all of your workers. Not only have they had their relaxation period but with their kids back at school, they can focus their time solely on their work. That means that if you're thinking of an office move, it won't stress out your workers too badly.

Vacation time

Building on the previous point, another problem could be the vacation time your workers actually book off. Whilst they may only have so much time to book off throughout the year, that doesn't mean they use it all at once on a vacation abroad during the summertime, but it’s more likely. The fewer people you have in your office to move, the slower the move will be. You may also be forced to hire in movers to help with the load and your office furniture. However, if you choose autumn then you will find that you will have more hands-on-deck to support your move to a new office building.  If you plan ahead and schedule the move in, you could request in advance that no one books any annual leave during the office move to ensure all hands are on deck and the move is as efficient as possible.

Avoiding the heat

The last thing you want to think about is the working conditions of your new office. If you move in summer, not only will you have to deal with blistering heat but the office may not even have air conditioning (or even electricity) to help cool you off. Unless you look into one of the serviced office from Be Offices, autumn will present a cooler period of the year where not having all the essentials of a working office won't be as bad as moving in summer or winter.  This will give you time to fix any snags in the new office before it’s really cold in winter and without it being sweltering in the summer.

Avoiding UK holiday seasons

It doesn't matter where you live. If you decide to move in spring, summer or winter, you may find yourself having a shorter time period to move you and your employees around. This is because these seasons tend to have more holidays within them that involve different businesses taking the day off. This could be for celebratory purposes or just for bank holidays. Autumn is the season with the least holidays in it. Make sure to check out all of the upcoming holidays to make sure that your moving day doesn't fall on any of them!