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FFS review: limited edition Lily razor and special offer

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This week FFS very kindly sent me their new limited edition Lily razor handle to check out.  It’s a new chrome silver and teal blue handle which is engraved with my name!  I’m already a big fan of Friction Free Shaving (FFS) and both me and my husband use their razors and are signed up to their razor subscription.  FFS also help us in our quest to make our bathroom zero-waste and to reduce single-use items.  In this blog post I will explain how the FFS subscription works and why it’s an eco-friendly option.  Read on for my newest FFS razor review.

FFS beauty review 

FFS review friction free shaving limited edition Lily razor and special off

FFS razor review - over one year of using the FFS subscription

My husband and I already have both the older style FFS razors.  I have a rose gold handle and my husband has a silver handle.  We’ve been using them for over a year and we are really happy with the service.

I first tried the FFS razors as I was previously using throwaway plastic razors without really giving it a second thought.  However, over the past few years we have really been changing a lot of our lifestyle habits and moving towards eco-friendly options throughout our home.

Our healthy living and eco-friendly journey started when I began noticing ‘paraben free’ on products six years ago.  Intrigued with why some products wouldn’t contain parabens I researched online and to my surprise realised there were lots of potentially harmful chemicals in products.  This set me off on a natural beauty journey and not long after we began to question the same about our food too, leading us to buying organic food and eventually all becoming vegan.  It also meant we began realising the impact not only on ourselves, but the environment too and started making a lot of eco-friendly changes around our home trying to reduce chemicals, waste and plastic as much as possible.

Phew!  It’s been a journey over six years and we are still always making eco-friendly changes for the better as we learn about new ways of doing things or new products.

It’s funny that it took us so long to think about razors.  I think some things are such habits that we have been doing for years that we don’t always think about them and their negative environmental impact.

I can’t remember how I stumbled upon Friction Free Shaving, but I’m glad I did.  Instead of both me AND Ben buying disposable razors and adding to the plastic pollution, we now use the same reusable FFS metal handle over and over.  We no longer have to throw away razor handles every week.

The handles are a nice weight and look very slick!

The company seems aimed at females, but it just made sense for me and Ben to have the same razor subscription so we can share the razor blades.  I don’t change mine too often which helps to prevent waste and saves us money, so we have a new set arrive every two months at a cost of £9.  We were getting them monthly at first, but we built up quite a stack so every other month is better for our usage.

We’ve been using them over one year.  I can’t quite remember exactly when we started, but I know my first FFS review was September 2018 and I’m not sure how long we’d been subscribed by then.  We’re still very happy with the service and have no plans of stopping.

FFS review limited edition Lily razor and special offer

Why the FFS razor subscription is eco-friendly and supports zero-waste

As I mentioned above it’s a much more eco-friendly option to use a reusable razor handle instead of throwaway plastic razors.  It will significantly reduce your bathroom waste.

Plus, with the FFS razors there is no need to have any waste at all!

They have a blade recycling scheme so you can save up your used razor heads in the original blade case they come in and send them back for recycling!

Simply fill out the form on their website to receive a blade recycling bag and send them back to FFS for recycling.

You will have to pay the return postage cost, so save up as many as you can before sending them back.

It’s a small price to pay I think to keep the blades out of landfill and the environment. 

FFS razor review limited edition Lily razor and special offer

Get a limited edition engraved FFS Lily razor for only £9

We were already very happy with our razor subscription, but I was keen to try the new Lily razor so I didn’t turn down the opportunity, plus teal is one of my favourite colours!

It’s also very handy to have two razor handles as I go to the gym almost every day and regularly have showers there.  I’m constantly packing and unpacking my razor (or forgetting it) so now I have an extra handle to keep in my gym bag at all times!

It came with a clamshell protector case which is perfect for keeping it safe in my gym bag and for travel.

I love the new limited edition colour and they have a great Lily sign up offer running at the moment so you can get free engraving, a free handle and a free clamshell protector case!  You just have to pay the £9 for the set of four razor heads!

To get yours simply click here: