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How can I save money on removals?

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If you’re looking for ways to save money when moving house, then a good way to cut costs is on the removals.  You probably can’t cut other costs such as fees, deposits or any legal fees involved as these are set rates or percentages.  So to cut costs moving home you’ll want to reduce your actual moving costs as much as possible.

In this blog post I’ll share some tips and tricks to keep your moving expenses down.

Sell what you don’t need

There’s no point in paying to move things you’re not going to need or use at your new home, so you’ll want to declutter before you move.  Several weeks before your moving date you’ll want to start sorting your belongings and sell or donate anything you won’t take to the new property.  This is particularly important for large pieces of furniture as otherwise you’ll be paying to move them to your new home and then they’ll take up space once there.

The fewer belongings you are moving then the smaller the van you will need and the less packaging.  Reducing both of these will save money.

Use this countdown to moving house checklist to organise your timings and house decluttering.

Compare quotes

When you know exactly how much stuff you have to move then you’ll want to search for quotes for removal companies.  Never just go with the first company you find, but research online, get a few quotes and read reviews to choose a company that is good value, but also who offers a great service.  Get started with a Google search for house removal service in London or wherever you are located and take it from there.  Look at the top results, ratings and also have a look at a comparison too.

Another option is to explore man and van services if you only have a few items to move. You may check the WhatStorage website to compare the rates of man and van in Manchester, London, or whichever UK city you belong. 

Word of mouth is often the best way to find a reputable company, so ask friends and family for their trusted recommendations too.

Get free packing materials

Buying brand new cardboard boxes can be quite costly so plan in advance and start saving boxes from deliveries.  Ask at local supermarkets and convenience stores if they have any spare cardboard boxes.  Ask friends and family to start saving their packaging from deliveries too.  You can also put a shout out on social media or Facebook Marketplace to let others know you are looking for free cardboard boxes. 

If you can’t find enough free boxes then buying in bulk online is a great way to save money on packaging materials.

Always check for cashback

Whether it’s for hiring a van, a removals company or buying packaging online, make sure you are always checking for cashback to save more money on your purchases and bookings. 

Always check for cashback at Top Cashback and QuidcoInstall their browser extensions so you will always be alerted to a cashback offer if you’re on a qualifying website.

Ask friends and family to help

Whether it’s providing more free cardboard boxes, helping to move items in their cars to reduce the main load or helping out with childcare, asking friends and family for their assistance can help to reduce your overall moving costs.  Just make sure you return the favour when it’s their turn to move house!

Final word

There are lots of ways to make sure you are not overpaying when moving your belongings in a house move.  Being prepared, finding the best value services, checking for cashback and asking friends and family are great ways to save money and reduce stress when moving house.