Combine cashback and discount with My Money Pocket

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Combine cashback and discount with My Money Pocket

There’s a new cashback website on the block called My Money Pocket.  They have recently launched and are offering cashback at all your favourite online retailers online.  Read on to learn what makes My Money Pocket different from popular cashback websites Top Cashback and Quidco in this My Money Pocket Review.


My Money Pocket review


Combine cashback and discount with My Money Pocket

Cashback websites and apps seems to be popping up all over the place at the moment.  Whilst it might seem a little overwhelming at first having so many choices for cashback online, it’s really quite a good thing for us consumers.

Even now, my favourite cashback website Top Cashback doesn’t always have cashback at every single place I shop online.

Just recently I shopped at Smyth’s toy store to order some Christmas presents and the two big players in the cashback game that I mention above didn’t offer a cashback, but luckily Swagbucks did!

That’s why it’s good news that there is more than one cashback website available to us as sometimes one will offer a cashback at a certain retailer or have an exclusive deal.

I have browsers installed that alert me to cashback offers from Top Cashback, Quidco and Swagbucks, then there are also Boom25 and OhMyDosh! to check too!

Unfortunately My Money Pocket does not have a browser extension yet, but I hope it’s something they’ll consider for the future.  It makes it so much easier to find a cashback offer and also to not miss one!


My Money Pocket review cashback site


What makes My Money Pocket unique?

Hopefully My Money Pocket will offer some exclusive deals too, but it’s very early days.  I did ask James from My Money Pocket on Twitter what their unique selling point will be as a cashback website that is competing with two major cashback websites and here’s the reply:

“We have a number of plans we're working on to differentiate ourselves from the other cashback sites on the market, but currently we're in a minimum-viable-product stage. In the future we do intend to have more of a focus on combined discount code and cashback deals, which should result in a better saving for shoppers than using either of those separately. 

In some cases we would also have discount code-only offers if that results in a better deal and isn't applicable with cashback (because I do sometimes find that cashback isn't always the most cost-effective way to shop).

We're also looking at charity campaigns too, with a special focus on environmental campaigns which I am especially passionate about, but I don't have any more details on this just yet.”

So it sounds like there are some great things lined up to differentiate My Money Pocket from the other cashback sites that are already out there.

The website is super straightforward to use and I’ve seen they have lots of combined cashback and discount offers on display on the main page. This is a great feature as it really means you can maximise savings and get as much money back as possible!

My Money Pocket combine cashback and vouchers


How does My Money Pocket work?

If you’re new to cashback websites and wonder what on Earth I’m talking about in this blog post then they are really simple to use.

Often when you make a purchase or booking online, for literally anything, there are cashback websites that can give you a percentage of that sale back at a later date in the form of cashback.  That’s exactly how My Money Pocket works. They get a commission for recommending the retailer and they share it with you.

In order to get this cashback you simply need to click the link from My Money Pocket to the retailer you wish to spend at.  This is so they can track and confirm your purchase to qualify you for cashback.

Then, after a short while, sometimes weeks and sometimes months, they will approve your cashback and you can cash it out.

It can seem like a long time to get your cashback, but once you get into the habit of using cashback websites like My Money Pocket every time you shop online then you’ll start to accumulate enough cashback to begin cashing out every month.  That’s what I do anyway!  I never shop online without checking for cashback first and as we order online on a weekly basis we get to cash out on the cash back sites we use almost weekly too!


My Money Pocket is a new cashback website that I’ve recently signed up to and I’m excited to see what it offers.  I’ve already been emailed some amazing offers like a free Moonpig card which is still live on their site as I type this. 

I’d recommend signing up and keeping an eye on this cashback site as it sounds like great things are coming…

Click here to sign up to My Money Pocket!


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