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How to use Bulb referral codes to make + save money

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How to use Bulb referral codes to make + save money

The Bulb referral code is one of the best customer refer-a-friend offers I have seen in the UK.  If you are looking for a great referral code to make and save money then read on.  I’ll explain how to use Bulb referral codes to your advantage in this blog post.

2 ways to use Bulb referral codes to save money

How to use Bulb referral codes to make + save money

1. Use my Bulb referral code to save money on energy + be eco-friendly

Firstly, you can use my Bulb referral code to save £50 off your first Bulb energy bill when you switch your energy to them.

It’s under my husband’s name so it will say Ben referred you, but it’s me too :)

You can get £50 off if you switch your energy and gas to Bulb or £25 if you switch just one of them.

I highly recommend entering your postcode and seeing if you can get cheaper energy with bulb.  We saved over £250 per year when we switched in comparison to our old energy tariff with a different supplier.

Bulb will refund up to £60 per fuel in exit fees if your old supplier charges you for leaving.  This means you don’t have to wait until the end of any existing contract with your energy supplier to leave them and start saving money with Bulb!

Plus, they use 100% renewable electricity so you will be doing some good too.

Another bonus is Bulb pass any price cuts on to you.  Just last week we had an email to say they are reducing our bills and we’ll save £107 per year!

Here’s our email letting us know that Bulb are passing their energy savings on to us:

How to use Bulb referral code to save money

2. Use your own Bulb referral code to save you and a friend up to £50

Once you have switched over to Bulb you can continue to make and save money on your energy bills with your own referral code, providing you can get your friends and family to sign up too.

You can easily find your referral code in the Bulb app or when logged in to their website. 

If your friend signs up using your referral link then they will save £50 if they switch both gas and electric to Bulb.  PLUS, you will also get £50 credit added to your account! (£25 for a single fuel).

You can leave this in your account to reduce your next energy bill, but if you have quite a lot of credit in your account then you can contact Bulb to withdraw to your own bank account!

It’s very important they use your link to sign up to Bulb to make sure you both get the referral credit.


We’ve been very happy so far with the service provided by Bulb and love knowing we use 100% renewable electricity.  The refer-a-friend scheme is also a great way to continue to get more money off your electricity and gas bills.

Get started by entering your postcode to see how much you can save and get £50 off if you do decide to switch at

How to use Bulb referral code


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