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Why social distancing doesn’t mean social isolation

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Whilst many comparisons are being drawn from the current coronavirus COVID-19 lockdown with the Spanish Flu lockdown of 1918, there is one major difference that we all must be thankful for - this time we are living in the digital age.

Why the 2020 lockdown is not like 1918

Whilst we are still experiencing social distancing and a lockdown preventing us from leaving our homes, unless absolutely necessary, we are also very lucky to be living in the time of the internet which allows us to easily stay connected with others.  Not only can we call others to connect by voice, but there are numerous video call apps that we can use with ease from our smartphones and laptops to connect by sight too.

Working from home has become an easy option for many as all they need is a laptop and internet connection.  Meetings for several people can easily be arranged using video conference management platforms and many businesses are still able to function in these strange times.  We are in fact learning that many people could work successfully from home and the cost of office space and the pollution caused via commutes is actually unnecessary.  Perhaps something that will be a permanent fixture after lockdown laws are relaxed.

Bars, restaurants, sports stadiums, gyms and other entertainment and social venues may be closed, but again, we have the joy of on demand television at our fingertips today to keep us entertained in our own homes.  We can access workouts online, join virtual gyms and we can even access online events and still feel part of a community.

If our job was to host these events that are now cancelled, we still have the option of hosting them virtually.  By using a conference event management platform like Eventbrite, it’s easy to host a free or paid online on a readymade platform which takes care of ticket sales, payment processing and online rsvp tracking.

For those of us who miss the socialisation we are used to, we can attend these virtual hangouts and online events as customers and connect with a global online community in ways that were unimaginable in 1918.

Although many are comparing our social distancing rules today to the lockdown of 1918, there is no question that the lockdown in 1918 was a much lonelier experience than it is today.  It’s certainly an inconvenience for us, but try taking away your smartphone, your TV and your internet connection!

These are definitely tough times and there is no doubt that our lives have been turned upside down, but we must remain thankful for how accessible information, communication and technology is nowadays from the comfort of our own home.

It may take a while, but things will get back to normal and the lockdown will not be forever.  These are strange times, but together we can get through it.  Most importantly, don’t suffer social isolation and use the digital technology available to stay connected to others.  There’s a global network of entertainment, connection, comfort and support right at our fingertips.

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