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Easily update your home with ironmongery products

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Dreaming about giving your home a makeover but are on a budget?

Why not change up a few details in your home that will completely uplift your interiors without breaking the bank and creating too much hassle?

But how, you might be wondering…

Ironmongery is the answer!

Everything from bolts, hinges, door stops to locks, handles and hooks can impact the overall look of a home, if chosen correctly.

Stephi LaReine also shares the same opinion, mentioning how “If you’ve ever watched a programme like Grand Designs, you’ll see how much attention goes into making the perfect home, down to the door handles and latches that go hand in hand with the paint work, so that your house becomes a sanctuary.”

Ironmongery products to improve your house during lockdown

Ironmongery Experts also highlight the importance of choosing the right ironmongery for your home, commenting how this type of hardware is usually rushed at the end of a project, but they believe it’s important to give it some thought beforehand.

With their help, we’ve put together a few of the most popular ironmongery products that you can use to improve your home:

  1. Door handles and knobs: Changing the door handles and knobs can add a new look to your doors and give them a fresh feel.

  2. Hinges: Hinges are essential for doors, windows, and cabinets, and they can also be decorative, depending on the design.

  3. Locks and latches: Upgrading your locks and latches can improve the security of your home while also enhancing its overall appearance.

  4. Hooks and brackets: Hooks and brackets can be used to hang coats, hats, and other items, and they come in a variety of sizes and styles.

  5. Cabinet hardware: Replacing the handles and knobs on your cabinets and drawers can give your kitchen or bathroom a new look.

  6. Shelving and brackets: Installing shelves and brackets can provide extra storage space and add a decorative touch to your walls.

  7. Gate and fence hardware: Gate and fence hardware, such as hinges, latches, and handles, can improve the security and aesthetics of your property.

  8. Staircase parts: Upgrading your staircase parts, such as balusters and handrails, can improve safety and add a decorative touch to your home.

  9. Window hardware: Changing the window hardware, such as locks, handles, and hinges, can improve the functionality and appearance of your windows.

Now, that you know how ironmongery can really change the look of a home and how many different choices of hardware there are out there, I’m sure that you’ll never look at a door handle the same way!