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4 ways to make money from selling your home

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Selling a home is not a walk in the park. The whole process of putting your home on the market and making it ready for potential buyers is a whole new level of stress! But, if you’re up for a little challenge, you can turn this stressful situation into a money making opportunity with some helpful tips.

The whole home-selling process can be overwhelming especially if it’s your first time. But instead of placing all your worry on everything that can go wrong, why not capitalise on all that movement and refocus your energy into something more lucrative?

If you look at it closely, the experience is full of opportunities for you to learn and, most importantly, earn money.

Here are just a few ideas.

Get rid of your extra stuff in a boot sale

If you’re selling your home because you’re moving into a new residence, chances are you will have a lot of packing to do. If you’re like most people, there are probably a lot of things in your current home that you no longer need but are still keeping.

So why not make packing (and moving) a lot easier by getting rid of them?

A good, old-fashioned boot sale is never a bad idea for purging your extra stuff fast. You can sell anything, from your old clothes to your old furniture, toys, collectibles, etc.

The good thing about holding a boot sale is not only its effectiveness but also its flexibility and convenience. You can hold a sale whenever you need to and you have a better handle over who gets the items and for what price.

Sell your stuff online

If organising a garage sale is not within your means, try the online marketplace instead. Selling things online definitely has its unique advantages. One, you don’t have to wait around for people to show up all day. Two, you have wider reach, which means you can sell your stuff faster, depending on your efforts.

There are plenty of ways to sell stuff online. First, there’s social media. Everywhere from Instagram to Facebook, sales channels are booming. It’s never been easier for people to get a buyer for stuff they no longer need.

Facebook Marketplace is usually a fast and convenient way to sell unwanted home décor and furniture online.  You’ll find most cities, towns and even areas within them, have their own Facebook selling pages with thousands of people instantly eyeing up what you list for sale.

Aside from social media, there are popular selling websites like Amazon or eBay.  These sites already have millions of users who might already be looking for that item you’re about to list.  eBay is also great if you’re not sure how much to sell an item for as you can list auction style.

It’s easy to get hooked to the thrill of selling items online and if this is the case then see this as an opportunity to actually create your own business!  You can start selling preloved items online by creating your own e-commerce site. A virtual store is a more versatile way to handle your sales. If you keep it going, you’ll have your own moneymaking side business in no time!

Start your own home-selling blog or vlog

Selling a home is quite a learning experience. To be able to make informed decisions about your sale, you need to familiarise yourself with the process and get intimately involved at every step.

For many, that means hours genuinely poured into research and talking to friends or estate agents. If you are the type of person with such dedication, you can turn your interest into something even more productive.

Start your own blog or vlog about your home-selling journey. Through your site or channel, you can share things you’ve learned from your own experience or research, ask people about their own, and learn in the process.

This is a good way to not only document your progress but to also help others. You won’t only create a platform for discussion but also a community of people with a shared interest.

Once you have enough following, you can pick up ways to monetize your site or channel through ads or paid blog sponsorships. You may also use it as a portal to create your own consulting business if ever you decide to take things to the next level and become an expert in this field!

Invest in profitable home improvements

There are inexpensive home improvement projects you can do to ramp up your home’s market value so you can sell it for more. It can delay the sale, but if you have the time, energy, and the initial monetary investment necessary to make the changes happen, the positive return on investment is very well worth the effort.

The most profitable home improvement projects are the following:

  • Remodelling the kitchen
  • Adding a bathroom
  • Adding high-efficiency windows
  • Converting the attic to a usable bedroom/space

While these may not entirely be cheap, there are small changes you can do that can leave a great impression on potential home buyers and impact your home’s valuation positively:

  • Repainting your walls
  • Beautifying your interior
  • Landscaping your garden
  • Updating your bathroom
  • Updating your lighting fixtures

Most importantly, pay attention to details. Make it a point to mention to your potential buyers that your home is adequately and regularly maintained. You can use your home’s good condition as a major selling point.

As you can begin to see, there are lots of opportunities to make extra money when selling a house and moving home!