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What are the most popular types of blogs right now?

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Blogging has become a job for many people in the modern world. There are numerous ways you can make money from having a successful blog, but it all essentially starts with building a solid following first and foremost. If a blog has little traffic, chances are it won’t appeal to the vast majority of advertisers.

There are several different types of blogs out there. It’s certainly a saturated space, with thousands of blogs on various topics thriving today, therefore making it hard for a new blog to stand out from the crowd. It can be done, though, especially if you’re producing good quality content that people want to read. It all starts with building a community of followers; then from there, you have a solid platform to reach the masses.

With so many blogs out there, though, what is the best option for you? Here’s a look at some of the most popular types of blogs right now. You might fancy jumping into a particularly popular genre or even starting a more unique and niche blog of your own. There are so many options, which is the joy of blogging.

Fashion blogs

The fashion industry is massive. We’ve seen the rise of influencers and YouTubers in recent years and much of them tend to have a fashion blog alongside their social media platforms. Quite simply, fashion blogs are one of the most popular types of blogs on the internet. They can lead to bloggers being invited to major events, receiving the latest merchandise to review, alongside getting signed up to big deals with a number of high-end brands.

Entertainment blogs

It might be a movie or a music blog, but these types of blogs typically have a large following because they’re things people adore. Likewise, some blogs are catered towards casino gaming, which is yet another hugely popular and established community. We now have more casino games regulated by multiple gaming commissions, including in the UK than ever before. Throw in the array of different games consoles and sophisticated creations we now have access to and gaming blogs are an entirely understandable choice to go with. At the same time, movies and television are also hugely popular. Ultimately, it’s about selecting the best option for you or maybe even covering a little bit of everything. There’s a lot to consider.

Healthy living/lifestyle blogs

An area this blog likes to tap into from time to time, healthy living and lifestyle blogs have grown in terms of their popularity as the world generally becomes more health-conscious and open to tips around healthy living and ways in which people can improve their lifestyle. It gives bloggers a wide range of topics to cover also as healthy living and lifestyle can relate to many different things, such as culture, arts, food, fitness, news and politics. The options are endless.

Sports blogs

Whether you’re into European football or darts, sports blogs tend to garner up a lot of interest as fans of sport generally like to read news and opinion around their teams and their rivals. Every country in the world has its favourite sport too, therefore potentially opening up your blog to an international audience. For example, the Premier League is watched all around the world.

Food blogs

Who doesn’t like food, right? Food blogs are a great way of giving cooking tips to people. Perhaps you have a favourite recipe you’d like to share, or you enjoy reviewing restaurants in your local area. Alternatively, maybe you’re keen to champion the vegan diet. There’s so much a food blog can do.

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