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2021: What to say no to when spending and what to indulge in

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When it comes to the new year of 2021, we have to make informed decisions as to what our spending will entail. There are certain items that we simply should not spend our hard-earned money on. There are still other items that are worth buying in order to feed our creative spirit. We will discuss some of these purchases below.

What not to spend on: Impulse buys

This year, we will want to refrain from making impulse purchase decisions. Impulse buys often occur in the checkout line. Examples of impulse buys are packs of gum or technology accessories.

Impulse buys should be avoided because they are often purchased out of luxury rather than necessity. Their benefits are often short-lived.

If we are to make the most of our money in the year 2021, it is important to refrain from making impulse buys.  Write a shopping list and stick to it.  This should be easy when the country is in lockdown and you can’t simply browse the stores as usual!

What not to spend on: Low-quality brands

It is important to look at the brand of the item that you are planning on spending on. It is not suggested to spend on low-quality brands for this year 2021.

When you make a purchase, you want to know for sure that the purchase will last you a certain amount of time.  As the saying goes ‘buy cheap, buy twice’.  It’s so true and yet many of us fall for cheaper goods time and time again thinking we will save money.  It’s worth spending more for longevity and to prevent unnecessary landfill waste.

The purchases you make should be on products that are known for their quality and will last you a long time. You should not spend on items that are produced by brands with a low reputation. You should get the most out of your money by spending on high-quality brands whose products stand the test of time, such as the maker of the decorative ladder. You can use a decorative ladder to hold quilts and blankets or to reach books high up on the bookshelf. 

What to spend on: Essentials

In the wake of the coronavirus epidemic, it has become obvious how important essential items are.

Essential items include groceries, cleaning supplies, and housewares. This year in 2021, you will want to spend your money on the most important essentials.

This does not necessarily mean that your life will be boring because you will only purchase essentials, nor that you should waste money buying more than you need, or for the sake of it only to satisfy a shopping habit!

It means our money will be spent more wisely.  On the things we need, rather than shopping for fast fashion or the latest home trends only to change our minds the following month.  The pandemic, if anything positive can be said, has made many of us reassess our spending habits and stop the unnecessary spending we have become so accustomed to.

What to spend on: Kitchenware

Coming out of the holiday season, we are all very appreciative of delicious food. After the holiday season has wrapped up, many of us often miss the deliciousness of feasting. It is recommended that you purchase quality kitchenware in 2021for your home in order to make eating as enjoyable as possible!

The manner in which you eat is one of the key factors for your health. Healthy eating helps to decrease heart disease risk and improves overall energy levels. You should reinforce the practice of healthy eating by purchasing kitchenware that encourages you to cook healthy food.

There are many different types of investments that you can make in kitchenware to improve your cooking experience and make healthy eating a breeze. You may find that it is time to purchase a food processor or a juicer. You may also opt to make more simple purchases such as an orange juice hand juicer or a new cutting board.

Whichever new kitchenwares you choose, doing so will undoubtedly contribute to your overall health by encouraging you to practice healthy eating.

What to spend on: Exercise equipment

Whether you are an avid exercise enthusiast or someone who simply puts in their 20 minutes of exercise per day, you will be sure to enjoy your day much more if you purchase exercise equipment that makes your workouts easier. There are many new types of exercise equipment on the market for this year. One nifty exercise equipment piece is called The Mirror.

The Mirror allows you to receive real-time instruction for exercise via a screen that is also a mirror. You may observe your own actions during exercise while also observing the instructor's actions in the mirror. This is an interactive exercise equipment piece that helps you to perfect your form in all of the exercises that you do. It is reasonably cost-effective, especially if you are already paying out for a high end gym, but would rather invest that money into something at home instead.

Even simply investing a pair of running trainers will mean you can get outdoors, experience nature more often and workout at the same time for only a one-off payment of £30 or so!

Choose your spending wisely in 2021

However you manage to do so, it is recommended to choose your spending wisely in the year 2021. You are discouraged from making impulse buys and encouraged to purchase kitchenware and exercise equipment; things that are an investment in your health for longevity and happiness. Be smart with your purchases this year and you are sure to have a prosperous year moving forward.

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