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Huge list of blog posts + money saving articles handpicked from my UK money blog with tips + tricks to help you save more money.

Discover new tips + advice you might not have thought of to boost your savings accounts, along with handy websites and apps that help you to save money on your everyday shopping both in-store and online.

Discover family finance tips for how to save money on your lifestyle and purchases.

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Save money on shopping with cashback:

Cashback is one of the best ways to save money on your online shopping and day-to-day household spending.  My only regret is not signing up to cashback sites sooner as it's the easiest way to save hundreds of pounds a year on things you buy anyway.

I don't just save money on online shopping like clothes and household goods, but also groceries, travel, holidays, booking MOTs, insurances and utilities.

If you can buy it or book it online and it's from a well-known retailer then you can probably get cashback on your purchase :) 

In three years we got over £1200 in cashback, so we're saving around £400 per year on our normal household purchases.  Amazing!

Read more about cashback and the sites we use by clicking the buttons below.

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Save money on household bills + utilities:

Helpful blog posts to help you save money on utility and household bills with generous discount codes, money saving tips and how to haggle to get your media bills reduced :)


Websites that can help you save money:

There are so many money saving websites out there which is great for your personal finances and ensuring you never spend more than you need to.  Get started by reading the articles and visiting the websites below:

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