How an internet speed test can save you money

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How an internet speed test can save you money

Internet speed issues

There’s nothing more infuriating than a slow internet speed.  We have got used to getting things in an instant.  Waiting for internet pages to load, especially if you are short on time or working from home and have deadline, is super frustrating.  If your internet seems to constantly lag, you’ll want to run a free internet speed test to check your current internet download speed.

It’s important to ensure you pick the right speed for your internet activities at home to avoid loading issues.  It’s also important to stop overpaying your internet bill if your speeds are never up to par.

In this blog post you will learn how to check your internet speed and the importance of doing so.  It can even save you money, so read on to learn how.

How to perform a free internet speed test

It’s really easy to perform an internet speed test and it’s free.  Simply head to Speedcheck and click the big blue button to start testing your internet speed.

That’s it.

Wait a few moments whilst Speedcheck tests your download speeds and upload speeds.  You’ll then be presented with your results:

Speedcheck free internet speed testing review 

From here you can see your internet download speed.  This is how quickly data can be sent to your device through your internet network.  You can also see your upload speed and latency.  As wikiHow explains:

  • “Mbps download - The number of megabits per second your connection is allowing you to download.
  • Mbps upload - The number of megabits per second your connection is uploading.
  • Latency - The number of milliseconds it takes for your Internet connection to respond to a command (e.g., a search query or a page loading).”

Our download speed with Virgin Media is supposed to be 100Mbps so I can confirm ours is as it should be.  Thankfully we rarely have issues with Virgin Media internet speed in our area, especially as we both work all day long from home using the internet.  We only have issues with our bill regularly going up in price, so we have learned how to haggle and save money with Virgin Media.

However, one thing to note is an internet speed check is only accurate at the time you perform it.  So to get a more accurate picture of your internet speed, you’ll want to test it a few times with different variables.  For example, at different times of day such as morning and afternoon, as well as with multiple devices running or performing different tasks on the internet.

How an internet speed test can save you money

How to save money with an internet speed test

It is likely you’ll run an internet speed test only when you are already noticing problems with your connection and the speed of your internet.  If so, then you may be able to use the results of your internet speed tests to save money on your internet bill.  Here’s how:

  1.  Save money on your next bill for temporary speed issues.  If your internet speed is consistently below the speed you are paying for then you need to talk to your internet provider.  Talk to them on live chat, if available and your internet speed can load, or call them to resolve the issue promptly.  Have to hand a note of all the speed tests you have performed and their results.  Ask for a reduction in your next bill as they haven’t provided the service you are paying for.
  2. Reduce your internet speed package if the lower speeds are reflective of your neighbourhood.  If there is no explanation for the lower speeds and you have attempted to troubleshoot low internet speeds in your household, then it could just be speeds that are representative of your area.  If so, then talk to your internet provider and reduce your speed package so you are only paying for the speed your home can actually receive each month.
  3. Get a better broadband deal.  There’s no point in continuing to pay for a service you are not receiving.  If your internet service provider fails to perform and your neighbours are getting better download speeds than you, perhaps it’s time to leave your provider and seek a better deal with faster and more reliable speeds.  It’s better to spend your money on a higher quality service rather than waste it on an underperforming one.  You might not technically save money, but you’ll get more quality from your money. 
  4. You may be able to exit your existing broadband contract without penalty.  According to MoneySuperMarket “If your broadband speed isn’t meeting the minimum your provider has guaranteed, you can make a complaint – and if the problem isn’t resolved in 30 days, you’ll be able to leave your contract without a penalty.”  If you do change provider then don’t forget to sign up to a new internet service provider using refer a friend offers or through a cashback website like TopCashback to save money instantly on your new deal.