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Learn how to decorate with the 2021 hottest decor trend: Distant shores

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Maximalism, Granmillenial, Cottagecore, Urban jungle and last but not least – Distant Shores.

The 2021 hottest décor styles have one thing in common: they all emerged in the middle of a pandemic. And as we were all yearning for distant places and faraway escapes, these trends encouraged us to bring the outsides in and leave the grey Scandi and minimalism in the hands of the past.

As the name suggests, the Distant Shores Décor Trend promotes spaces that reflect our travels, our feelings of escapism and far off wonders.

Inspired by the laid-back lifestyle enjoyed by the Hawaii, Amalfi Coast or Greek Islands residents, the interiors inspired by Distant Shores give a feeling of calmness and relaxation and make a home an inviting place to be.

Let`s take a ride through what it takes to be transported to a distant land without even leaving your bed.

  • Tropical Bright Hues

In Hawaii, colour is everywhere. Emerald greens and golds on land vie for attention with azure seas.

Even the state fish, the humuhumunukunukuapua’a, is also known as the Picasso triggerfish, fitting because of the multicolored stripes along its flanks.

So if you are looking to bring the same vibrancy into your own home, it is essential to embrace the colour palette of the Hawaii sunset. 

As well as calming greens and blue tones, complete your scheme with shades of dusky pinks, deep purples and spiced orange.

Pick a colourful bed in your sleeping sanctuary to make a bold statement, go for playful wall art and don`t be afraid to experiment with colour when it comes to your accessories to create an energising aesthetic.

If you are looking for a more paired back, take on this trend, choose tropical motifs in subtle monotones and refresh your senses with soft lemons.

  • Floral Designs and Animal Prints

Digital prints are designed to work in any home with complementary colour palettes to emulate the varied Hawaiian landscape. 

Energise your interiors with soft furnishings, featuring motifs of bamboo, ample greenery and large scale fronds.

Tropical and animal prints with bold colour combinations are your to-go-to when it comes to upholstery, so choose patterns that bring a sense of joy and make you dream of the overseas.

  • Add an Element of Foliage

Indoor plants are a fantastic way to add colour, character and life to an interior.

And there is no shortage of bold solutions, references to distant shores regarding indoor plants and living greenery.

Recharge your batteries and bring the outside in with large tropical houseplants such as Monstera Deliciosa, The Bird of Paradise, The Elephant`s Ear or The Red Congo.

I don`t know about you, but to hear these names, I was already transported to a faraway land without even leaving the sofa.

If you want something that is even less maintenance, why not simulate the presence of a palm tree with an XXL poster?

  • Adorn your Space with Accessories 

Apart from colourful furniture pieces and leafy greens, this style cries for your house to be adorned with accessories, paintings and photos of distant locations, such as the African Safari or the beautiful beaches of New Zealand.

If we can`t visit these fantastic places ourselves, we might also create a similar atmosphere from the comfort of our own homes.

With a few tweaks to furniture and accessories, you can easily create a Marocain Sanctuary or Island-style vibe in your bedroom. 

If you have the space then you can truly bring a tropical vibe into your living space by installing a hammock from indoors or a hanging chair for the ultimate relaxation. 

It might not be time to book a plane ticket, but incorporating these elements will definitely help you create an interior that reimagines these magical getaways.