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Vaping techniques explained

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If you are trying to quit smoking then you might be considering vaping as an interim solution.  Vaping can be less harmful than cigarette smoke, as well as less smelly and less harmful to those around you.  Smoking is really terrible for you, but vaping can be a solution to help you quit for good.  However, if you have never vaped before then you might be wondering how it all works.  Is it the same as smoking?  Do you inhale the same?  In this blog post, the different vaping techniques are explained.

Vaping techniques explained

How to vape

There are many different articles and resources out there that claim to teach the reader ‘how to vape’; however, very rarely do they go into detail about the different vaping techniques. Learning about how to maintain your vape and create your own nicotine level is still important and useful, but they never really get into the act of vaping itself. Perhaps this is because they believe it should be self-explanatory – all you have to do is inhale, right? That is basically correct, but there are a few different inhalation techniques that you can adopt. Once you have tried them out, you can settle into the style that suits your needs and preferences the best.

When vaping, there are two main inhalation techniques: mouth to lung (MTL) and direct to lung (DTL). The mouth to lung technique is the technique that cigarette smokers most commonly use, as it is similar to the technique used when smoking cigarettes. So it often helps those trying to transition from smoking. Direct to lung is much more akin to a pipe smoking experience. The way you interact with your vape, including your inhalation technique, can have a huge impact on your overall experience.

Read on for a more detailed look at the different vaping techniques.

Mouth to lung

Mouth to lung inhalation is a relatively simple approach to vaping, and, as mentioned above, it will likely be the default for vapers who have previous experience with cigarettes. As it is the same basic technique used by smokers, it can make the transition easier, and it can be an incredibly helpful tool for those who want to quit smoking cigarettes completely. The vapour is first taken into the mouth before being inhaled further to the lungs; the process is somewhat similar to sucking on a straw. This style is better suited to most vape pens and starter kits instead of vape mods. It is a natural starter technique, and so most vapers begin using their vape in this way.

This technique, when coupled with a low-powered e-cigarette, produces thinner wispier clouds. The tanks themselves do not have enough power or airflow to produce a dense cloud, so trying the direct to lung inhalation technique on these devices is not really possible because the air flow is limited.

There are several advantages to this style of vaping. Mouth to Lung vapers often benefit from a softer and more mild experience than DTL vapers. They also tend to favour higher PG blends. PG stands for propylene glycol; it is a standard ingredient in vape liquids. A higher concentration is what provides the throat hit that many MTL vapers prefer. This is because they receive more flavour that stays in the mouth for longer.

Simply put, this style would be better for vapers who want to savour the flavour of their e-liquids as the e-liquid has more contact with your taste buds. The liquids themselves tend to last longer because MTL is a slower process. It also requires less battery power again because the rate of vaping is a lot slower and softer, reducing the risk of your battery overheating as the device does not have to work as hard.

Direct to lung

If MTL is like sucking through a straw, then direct to lung inhalation can be likened to inhaling air from a balloon. Dense vapour fills the lungs as it would if you were to smoke a shisha pipe or something similar. It requires more powerful vape mods that can create denser clouds inhaled from the device and taken directly to the lungs. These devices often have greater airflow and, as such, are not suited for mouth to lung vaping because the mouth would fill too quickly, meaning that you would be unlikely to get a satisfying hit.

The bigger devices can often deliver more vapour, a more fleeting flavour, and a throat hit that differs greatly from mouth to lung vaping. The nicotine delivery is often more direct with this method too. Most users who favour this technique will choose a setup that allows for an adjustable airflow to tailor the experience to them entirely. This method allows for much more intense ‘hits’ than MTL, which some vapers do prefer as they find it more satisfying. However, it can be overwhelming for vapers that are used to a more mellow experience, especially at first. In the end, it is all about preference. The vape mods heat the liquid or juice to a much higher temperature, so quick, sharp inhales are needed, which means that the vaping experience is faster. As mentioned above, the nicotine hit is delivered more quickly, thus making it feel stronger.

For DTL vapers, a high VG blend is recommended as it aids in creating dense vapour clouds and provides flavour. VG stands for vegetable glycerine, and its main role in vape liquids is to smoothen the experience, meaning that for DTL vapers, there is less of a throat hit, meaning that it is easier to take back to the lungs directly. The DTL technique can be incredibly satisfying for those that prefer a more intense vaping experience. Even if you were previously a heavy smoker, this method might be better for you. This method is also better for cloud chasing. If you are new to vaping, you may not have heard of cloud chasing, it is all about creating huge dense clouds, and DTL is the best method for this. There are even cloud chasing competitions where winners can win money and other prizes. Lastly, in direct contrast to cloud chasing, you can also vape somewhat stealthily using this method. If you hold the vape in your lungs for longer, the vape begins to dissipate before you exhale, reducing the cloud you produce.

Honourable mentions

Essentially, DTL and MTL are the two main techniques that most vapers use. However, they have produced a few sufficiently distinct variations, and as such, they have their own names. Firstly, the hybrid hit; this is when the vapour is drawn into the mouth and then halfway through the inhale, you open your mouth and let some fresh air into your lungs while you exhale the vapour. This is called a hybrid hit because it is basically a combination of the MTL and DTL techniques. The hybrid hit is a good way to ensure that you enjoy the flavour while still allowing for an intense hit.

Then there is the snap inhale, which is all about allowing the vapour to build up in your mouth before exhaling slightly and then bringing it all back down to the lungs. The idea is that you effectively get two draws for the price of one, both of which are different intensities. Lastly, there is the French inhale which is all about the flavour. You take a deep inhale into your mouth, which you then let out before drawing it back in through your nose. This one is perhaps the most difficult to master, but it does intensify the flavours.

If you are new to vaping, then you may not know where to start and where to get your equipment from. Aqua Vape is an online retailer which offers vapers a huge choice in mods, kits, juices and more. They can be an invaluable resource for choosing vapes online.

In conclusion

If you are so inclined, you can try all the above methods but just remember that you need to choose the method that feels the most comfortable for you. Think about your preferences, your background and your needs to help you decide. 



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