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How to impress clients as a solo business owner

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Running a business as a solo entrepreneur and out of your own home can be stressful and challenging at times. And many wonder how they can meet with and impress clients when they’re operating their business from their spare room. However, there are ways to impress those prospective clients and maximise the advantages you have at your disposal. Read on to find out more about doing that.

Get to know who you’re meeting

First of all, you should ensure you know who you’re meeting whenever you’ve got an appointment with a client or prospective client who might be interested in working with your business. Know what they’re looking for and do some research into their background and potential needs if possible. Coming prepared will always help you stand out to clients because that’s what they want to see from the people they’re working with.  Make sure you dress the part too.  If it's a formal meeting then dress smart.  Take a look at these helpful tips to learn what does your watch say about you so you can accessorize appropriately too.

Create an agenda for meetings too 

Having an agenda means that your meetings with clients are more likely to go smoothly and have purpose and direction. These days, no one likes feeling that their time is being wasted, and that can often happen when meetings drag on and don’t seem to get anywhere meaningful. So don’t let that happen. Instead, create an agenda and ensure the meetings flow.

Ensure the setting is right for important meetings

If you need to hold an important business function, doing it at your home if that’s where your business is based is not always the best idea. Instead, you should find an appropriate setting that offers spaces for business functions and meetings, such as Clevedon Hall. The same applies whenever you need to meet and impress currency or potential future clients. This is a must for anyone running a business from their home.

Offer a personalised experience

One thing that solo business owners can often do better than their bigger competitors is to provide a personalised experience to their clients. You can make sure that you build that one-on-one relationship that might be harder to establish for larger companies with more clients and bigger teams. So definitely try to take advantage of that and use it to your advantage when you’re interacting with and managing your clients.

Follow up appropriately 

Following up with clients after you’ve met with them in person is always important too. You need to stay in regular contact with your clients in order to ensure you’re working to their needs and specifications. There are different ways of appropriating too, of course. You need to find the way of doing it that works for you and, most importantly, for your clients. It’s something they’ll definitely notice.


Be sure to make the most of the tips and ideas above if you’ve been unsure of how to impress prospective business clients as a solo entrepreneur. Running a business by yourself out of your own home doesn't need to hold you back or prevent you from making the progress you want to make. The ideas above prove that.

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