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New things to try in the bedroom to help you sleep better

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The problem with sleep is that many people don't get enough of it. Sleep is a critical component of achieving a healthy lifestyle, but for many people, it remains a struggle. That's because sleep has been treated as a luxury for too long, and we're only now starting to realise its true importance. If you struggle to get to sleep then some simple bedroom changes could be the answer to your problems. Here are a few new things to try in the bedroom to help you sleep better.

New things to try in the bedroom to help you sleep better

New things to try in the bedroom that can help you sleep better

We’re often reminded of the things we can do to get a better night’s sleep.  Less screentime before bed, for example, no caffeine from mid-afternoon onwards, more exercise, less stress… the list goes on.

But one thing we might overlook, are some simple changes in the bedroom itself that could improve our quality of sleep and solve our sleep issues.  This is particularly true if you have already tried many of the other methods and cannot pinpoint why you still struggle to sleep.

Sleep is vital for your physical and mental health. Getting a good night's sleep can help you feel energized, improve your mood, and it has even been linked to weight loss.  Not surprisingly, you also need a good night’s sleep to be your most productive when it comes to running your own business or being a motivated employee each day.

Here are some things to try in the bedroom to help you sleep better:

Try silk pyjamas to improve your sleep quality

There’s something about silk pyjamas that’s so satisfying… making you want to stroke whoever is wearing them as they feel so nice!  But not only do silk pyjamas feel good to wear, but they can also benefit your sleep.  They are a luxury item that can provide a better sleeping experience.   But how can silk pyjamas benefit your sleep?  A great investment for your sleepwear, a silk pyjama set from IDentity Lingerie is breathable and smooth to touch, ensuring you stay cool and comfortable in bed.  Silk pyjamas can be great for sensitive skin if you find other styles of pyjamas irritate you during the night.  They are the perfect way to escape from the uncomfortable feeling of thicker bulkier fabrics.

Try blackout blinds and turn all lights off for less interrupted sleep cycles

It could be that the smallest amount of light affects the quality of your sleep, or prevents you from drifting off soundly.  According to the Sleep Foundation, “Light exposure at night can hinder transitions between sleep cycles, reducing the quality of sleep. Too much light can cause repeated awakenings, interrupting the sleep cycle and reducing time spent in deeper, more restorative sleep stages.”  If your room does not seem very dark at night time, perhaps due to street lights or other light sources, then blackout blinds are a great way to substantially reduce the amount of external light entering your bedroom at nighttime.  If this is not possible, then try a silky blackout sleep mask.  And, of course, ensure you turn off all the lights and lamps in and around your bedroom such as the hall light, and even that flashing standby light on your TV or other electronics!

Update your pillow

When did you last buy a new pillow?  If it’s been longer than 1-2 years, then it might need changing.  Pillows don’t last forever and a new pillow could help to improve your sleep.  Like mattresses, you should choose a pillow that suits your sleeping position to ensure a comfortable night’s sleep.  There isn’t one size fits all when it comes to pillows, so find the type that gives you the optimum night’s rest. 

Cool down your bedroom

We might think we need a warm and cosy room to sleep, but it’s actually not easy to fall asleep when we're in a hot environment. Both humans and animals sleep better when they are cooler. The body’s natural cooling system reduces the core body temperature by about 1 degree during sleep. Even a slight change in temperature can disturb our sleep cycle and make us feel uneasy at night. This means that if your bedroom is too warm, you will have a hard time sleeping. You need to find ways to create a cooler sleeping environment for yourself such as turning the thermostat down or off before bedtime and ensuring you have comfortable cooling clothing like the silk pyjamas we mentioned above and temperature regulating bed linen like 100% linen material.  It varies for everyone, but around 18 degrees Celcius is the optimum temperature for sleep.

Sleep well with these tips

Sleep has been linked with better mental health, longer life expectancy, and increased productivity.  It’s important for a variety of health reasons and to ensure we are productive during the day.  There are lots of things to try to improve your sleep.  Give this checklist to sleep better a go and hopefully you’ll be drifting off soundly in no time at all.